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False Dichotomy Dorks

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The list of hater logical fallacies is never ending. I’d have to devote three weeks’ worth of posts to debunk them all. Here’s one that’s particularly blockheaded:

< sperg >
“When you spend all that time chasing skirt, you miss out on the genuine feeling of accomplishing something real as a man.”
< /sperg >

If the either-or presupposition was banned from discourse, I predict half of the haters’ oeuvre would disappear overnight.

Fallacy: There’s nothing about pickup that automatically disqualifies a man from pursuing other interests or goals in his life. Richard Feynman helped create the atom bomb (what have you done lately?) while being a notorious womanizer.

Seducing babes feels great. So does getting a big promotion, creating a work of art, being the life of the party, fixing a motorcycle so it’s purring like a kitten, upgrading a kitchen by the sweat of your own brow, and chopping wood for the fireplace. None of these achievements are mutually exclusive. All of them induce the same powerful feelings of manliness.

All of them, too, are signatures of the alpha male.


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