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Fast-Tracking Familiarity

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Something that gets lost in discussions about seducing women is the speed aspect of the endeavor. Pickup used to be called speed seduction for a reason: it was a human social technology specifically designed to maximize the arousal of women and minimize the time and resource investment needed to bed them.

(For those smart alecks who say “Just be Brad Pitt and you won’t have to do anything to pick up women!”, kindly remind yourselves that famous men usually had to spend many years devoted to their craft before they hit the fame jackpot.)

I knew a guy who was a natural with women — i.e., he had imbued game concepts from an early enough age that the alpha way to act around women came second-nature to him, and his interactions glimmered with unrehearsed élan. Anyhow, something I noticed he often did with women was playfully fuck around with their names. (He never offered his name until he first learned a girl’s name.)

For example, if the girl told him her name was Ann, he would riff a stream of dorky permutations on her name in a deadpan manner.

“annster” “wham bam thank you ann” “ANNdle with care” “this ann is your ann, this ann is my ann”

You need a minimal degree of creativity to pull this off, but the result usually gets the girl smiling. More importantly, it signaled to girls that 1. he didn’t give a shit what they thought about his humor and 2. he was the sort of guy a girl could be instantly friendly toward without feeling awkward.

And really, a big component of successful seductions is the ability to quickly make a girl feel comfortable in your presence — to fast-track familiarity. And the way to do this is to put a girl at ease that you won’t make the mistake of deep-sixing a conversation with social clumsiness borne of low confidence and inexperience spending time with women.

Other FTF tactics he would use included the “Marry, Fuck, Kill” and “If you had to choose…” games, which he would launch into without any proper segue at all.

(“If you had to choose…” is my favorite because it’s awesome at getting girls to reveal their values. “If you had to choose between waking up next to Jonah Hill or waking up next to Charlize Theron, which would you choose?”)

I once asked him half-seriously his secret to picking up women. He said, “I cut them off.” By that, he meant he would cut off their conversation to inject whatever stupid shit happened to pop into his head (and which, coincidentally, would move the discussion in a more fruitful sexual direction). “But isn’t that rude?” “Nah, not to girls. Guys would think it was rude, but guys aren’t girls.”

Words to live by.

Seduction is the art and science (the artence) of shifting a girl’s perception of you from faceless beta null entity to damn-this-dark-triad-jerk-would-fit-nicely-between-my-legs. The words you choose and the demeanor you adopt go a long way to helping, or hindering, your pickup efficiency.


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