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When a beta cheats on a woman, NOTHING HE DOES WILL APPEASE HER.

When an alpha cheats on a woman, ALL IS FORGIVEN.

I’ve observed it many times. And you have, too. The good betaboy who slips up once and has an affair. The girlfriend or wife finds out (because, naturally, handwringing betas can’t live with a guilty conscience) and, if he’s lucky, he’s in the doghouse for months of celibate grindage. If he’s not so lucky, she uses his slip-up as a pretext to dump him so that she can shack up with the dude she’s been cheating with for years. Behold the beta who clumsily meddles with the forces of alpha: you’ve never seen such undignified contortionist remorse so ineffectually sway a woman to leniency.

But an alpha male who cheats, even repeatedly? If he’s really on top of his game, his jilted girlfriend will cry her eyes out in an orgy of self-blame wondering why she doesn’t please him, then bake him a cake. If she’s made of stronger stuff, she might chastise him for ten minutes, weep bitterly for an hour into her pillows, then bang his brains out in a monumental after-fight sesh.

To those whom much is given, little is expected. To those whom much is expected, little is given.


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