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What Is Anti-Game?

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Feh writes:

Anti-game is trivial:

– get misty-eyed at emotional shit
– bore her with details
– constantly let her re-frame
– buy her drinks [Ed: Outside of a date context.]
– compliment her gratuitously
– talk about your hobbies with oblivious enthusiasm
– never ask her a question
– never look away
– let her see your shit-eating smile
– accede to her manipulative horseshit
– never, ever say “horseshit” in conversation

The list could go on …

It could, and it shall. Here are some more anti-game behaviors and traits, from a pickup and LTR perspective:

Constantly remind her how happy you are to be with her.
Laugh at your own jokes.
Laugh uproariously at her “jokes”.
Feed her need for gossip.
Put up with her shit an order of magnitude more frequently than she puts up with your shit.
Ask yes or no or one-word answer type questions.
Act contrite when she catches you checking out her body.
Stare, look away, stare, look away, stare, look away.
Ask her if she has a condom.
Cuddle her so long that she is the one to first start wriggling free.
Hold in farts around her until your colon bursts. (LTR applicable only.)
Fidget, talk fast, mumble, lean in, babble tiresomely like a girl who has a heavy emotional burden to unload.
Talk incessantly about the state of the relationship.
Whine about how hard life is.
Betray too much enthusiasm when she tells you about something cool she did.
Act impressed with her educational credentials or career success.
Sympathize with her bitching about badboy exes.
Agree to her tacit sex timetable. (A woman is capable of making you wait for months absent any masculine push on your part. Ironically, this very acquiescence to her female sensibility will turn her off to sex with you.)
Get wrathfully jealous every time she checks out a dude or talks about another guy.
Spitefully berate her genuine accomplishments.
Say crap like “I don’t deserve you” with sincerity.
Be a kitchen bitch.
Drop everything you like to do to do everything she likes to do. (Man, I know a lot of guys like this. Sickening.)
Wanly smile when she denigrates you to her friends.
Make videos like this. (Suffice to say, this nauseating beta dweeb did not win his ex back, muscles and looks to the contrary notwithstanding.)
Resort to saying “I suppose you’re right” every time she accuses you of some character defect.
Constantly, and insipidly, ask her if she “likes it this way” during lovemaking.
Forget the art of plain old fucking.
Turn to face her fully as soon as you open a girl. Stay that way while she continues giving you her profile.
Buying girls drinks as a MEANS OF OPENING THEM.
Muck up cold reads until they sound like interrogations.
Show up more than five minutes early for dates. (She doesn’t have to know about this, but it will be written all over your body language.)
Go for the night-ending kiss, get denied, follow up by shouting at her as she’s leaving that you’ll call her. Make it a promise.
Skip on the way home after a “successful” date that did not end in sex.
Apologize for infractions she has not even accused you of.
Support feminism. Make a big show of it.
Ingratiate yourself to her. (Example: “Porn is disgusting. I’d never watch it.”)
Know a little too much about the TV wasteland, articles in the Style section of any major newspaper, or women’s fashion.
Make breakfast for her after the first night together. (She has not yet earned your LTR provisions. Buying her breakfast at the local deli is OK.)
Deprecate yourself for cheap laughs and conversation fuel. (As an example of the handicap principle in action, self-deprecation is acceptable in small — very small — doses.)
Follow her from bar to bar.
Join her plans instead of inviting her to join your plans.
Agree to meet her friends before you have sexed her. (Note: this can be pulled off if you have very high value or tight game, and you are certain sex is an eventual given.)
Wait in the exact same spot for her to return after she has told you she’ll be gone for ten minutes. Talk to no one while waiting.
Pine over, or disparage, your ex on a first date.
Listen to her intently when she talks about her exes.
Always follow her conversational lead. Never veer off the path she lays out, or start your own path.
Touch her hair too soon.
Sit with your legs crossed. (Acceptable only if you are an office executive.)
Sweat profusely from anything other than vigorous exercise, sex or fighting.
Eagerly say yes to every one of her requests. (“No” is a powerful male attractant. The mere utterance of it can electrify vulvae.)
Be hopelessly indecisive.
Fail every shit test in spectacular fashion. (Example: vehemently deny you are the thing she says you are.)
Pick your nose and wipe the booger on her forehead. (Save this for the six month mark, at which point she’ll be too invested to do anything more than feebly complain.)

There are many more anti-game tells, but I’ll stop for now. You should get the gist.


Anti-game is the suite of low-value male characteristics that actively repulses girls. It is a constellation of insecure, approval-seeking behavior that is a leading indicator the man behaving in such a way is a loser, and worse, believes he is a loser. Anti-game is distinguishable from no-game by the proactive and accelerated nature of its tendency to trigger disgust in women. A no-game-having beta can sometimes obliviously motor through a pickup if the girl he is hitting on is low value herself, or finds him peculiarly attractive, and thus more likely to forgive his lack of charm. But an anti-game-having beta will actually cause an incipient attraction a girl may have for him to quickly dissipate. Anti-game is the equivalent of a monkey throwing feces in the face of a prospective mate. Or Ahmadinejad bloviating about the 12th iman at the UN.

Anti-game, by the way, is a great method for manipulating a girl to break up with you so you don’t have to do the dirty work.


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