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How would the Justice Department respond if 25% of all black murder suspects were falsely accused of the crime by white accusers? Eric Holder would call an immediate press conference and announce he was mobilizing the national guard, the Mexican Army, and everyone who works in law enforcement to end such blatant, hateful, racist discrimination. He would, with righteous indignation, say there is much work to be done to realize the most holy Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. A 25% false black murderer accusation rate might even incline some to believe that white people had it in for black people.

Now what if I told you that studies over the last ten years have shown that false rape accusations are likely in the ballpark of 25%, and could even be as high as 40%? Aghast, you are? Would you be inclined to think that relations between the (American) sexes had deteriorated so much that women were virtually warring against men through legal channels? Can you guess the public’s reaction to this uncomfortable truth? That’s right….. crickets.

Crickets. Because, as this blog has astutely noted before, men are the expendable sex. It is true biologically, and since biology underpins culture, it is also true culturally.

It’s funny how those with the flimsiest evidence and the least facts to support their pet peeves are the loudest, most obnoxious motherfuckers eager to wave a sign or shout a slogan. Well, thanks to this bastion of shibboleth smashing, that’s about to end. Why should the freakazoids of American society have all the fun? It’s time for the sane people who understand the value of facts over wishful thinking and demogoguery to join in the festivities and start their own protest campaigns.

In that spirit, here is the CH approved anti-FRA campaign poster, coming soon to a bus side and billboard near you. (Any ad execs reading now should credit this blog.)

I like the bold, clean font and the stepladder geometry of the lines. Really reaches out and grabs you by the clitties. Underneath, in smaller font, would be the following PSA:

25% of the accused in rape cases are exonerated by DNA evidence. – U.S. Department of Justice
It’s time to end the lies.


Beautiful. Brings a tear to me eye, it does. Only one thing could swell my heart to bursting more than the pride of seeing this poster on a subway car: the look of horror and sputtering, impotent rage that would sweep across a feminist’s fat cunty face as she slowly digested what she was reading.

If the FRA rate is indeed on the rise, as the evidence hints at, why are women more than ever falsely accusing innocent men of rape? I have a couple of theories for that. One, female empowerment and the constant cultural feedback that women can do no wrong and there is no height to which their self-esteems cannot rise has emboldened many more women to act on their emotional impulses when they feel aggrieved or their egos are bruised, figuring their chances of getting caught and punished are very low. (They’re right.)

Two, we live in a cultural climate where sex has never been cheaper to get for alpha males. (Beta males are having a worse go of it.) Currently, women have little DMV leverage to entrap ensnare sweetly cajole alpha males into long term commitment. This diminishment of their traditional sexual power has left so many of them bitter and spiteful that they lash out against those men who would deny them the gift of an LTR, and they exact their revenge with the available tools at their disposal — namely, the long but crooked arm of the law, wielded by the shock troops of feminism’s front lines. A demondyke alliance between embittered women and legal feminism has arisen, and in their anti-male arsenal the false rape accusation has proven its effectiveness. FRAs serve well to make casual sex more expensive for men, thus helping to retilt the dating market playing field back in women’s favor.

If all this sounds hopelessly cynical to you, there’s always the option to shoot rainbows up your ass.

There is another way to level the dating field back in women’s favor that doesn’t involve jailing innocent men. But, strangely, feminists don’t seem too keen on that alternative. And so the last days of the West continue unfolding, right on cue.


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