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I occasionally like to give props to pickup artists when they have great ideas. There’s a reason Style — homely and short as he is — was nonetheless renowned as a successful ladies’ man. Here’s his idea for a great throwaway line that generates instant attraction or intrigue in a woman. (Scroll through the marketing BS to get to the video toward the end.)

Basically, you walk through a group of women (or a mixed group), make eye contact with the girl you like, and as you’re walking by her say “I’m taken”. I suppose then you can either wait for a reaction and linger to see if she bites, or you can continue walking past and meet up with her later after she’s had time to become curious about you.

Some haters will object, because that is the curse of their stunted little minds. “But if you sleep with her after you told her you’re taken, isn’t that lying? Anyhow, she’ll ignore you because she thinks you’re in a relationship.”

Get off this blog! Seduction is the masterful weaving of gossamer lies — manufactured drama purposefully designed to excite the female sensory system, in which both you and her are active and aware participants in the game. The logic of telling a girl you are already taken would no doubt escape those who refuse to, or can’t, face female sexual nature head on without head asploding, but the truth is that women are attracted to men other women love. Please go back and study the fundamentals. Start with female preselection. Educate yourself. A man in the company of women, or perceived to enjoy the company of women, is infinitely more attractive to other women than a man alone or with other men. The fact that such a man is “off-limits” is only a threadbare legalistic hurdle to a woman’s hamster. If she likes you, you can later spin “I’m taken” any way you want and she’ll buy it… because she wants to buy it.

The elegance of Style’s attraction amplifier is what is left unspoken. It assumes the sale, without requiring too much in the way of clunky verbiage. As the brazenly, irrationally confident man about town, you want to act as if every woman you meet is already sold on you. You come “pre-approved”. “I’m taken” insinuates that your target was interested in you and that it is understandable why she was so. It will follow like flowering labia follow tingles that she will thus become interested in you.


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