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From esteemed commenter Rollo Tomassi:

The ugly secret to a successful and healthy LTR/Marriage that women both hate and need in spades can be summed up in two words:

Competition Anxiety

This one element inspires the hottest sex, the closest sense of appreciation, and the greatest ambient threat that women need to base their self-worth on by association with their committed lover. Every item on this list can, by degrees, be mitigated by maintaining an ever-present, subconscious awareness that you are a sought after commodity.

Every element of Game still plays a critical role in an LTR; it only differs in it’s application. Every divorce I know of was the result of anxiety being replaced by comfort.

This is exactly right. You want to rejuvenate a flagging LTR or (heaven forbid) marriage? Make her sweat a bit. Flirt with other women. Make sure your girlfriend or wife sees you or hears of you holding company with enraptured female admirers. The Chateau wrote a post about instilling dread in your lover to keep the love red hot. It was, naturally, criticized by the sputtering Jizzebel contingent, the limp-noodled betas and the apoplectic standard bearers of conventional lies. A heady, bracing truth has that effect on losers and weirdos.

Comfort and contentment may be pleasurable goals in the short term, but over the long term they sabotage any relationship. Take your comfort in small doses, and keep it spiced with the anxiety of loss. Her inflamed vulva will thank you.


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