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It might be time to rethink the assertion that video gaming is exempt from the maxim that every male endeavor has female groupies. Here’s video of an interview with a StarCraft nerd who, at 3:15, surprises the viewers when his cute girlfrined bounces on stage to be next to him.

If you are alpha enough in your demeanor and mannerisms, you can overcome the handicap of association with a nerdy hobby. Watch the vid closely. This guy — a Zerg champion apparently — emanates an alpha aura. Note the minimal time spent smiling. Or his slow, controlled body and facial movements. The way he keeps his chin up. Or the way he deftly handles questions, and the steady tone and timber of voice in which he talks. Note too, how he has spent some time buffing himself up. (He’s far from huge, but he’s done enough to prevent looking like the typical doughy nerd with a Cheetos moustache.) Listen as he trash talks the competition; this guy is a cocky asshole.

And finally, watch how he reacts when his girlfriend bounds next to him; no beta supplicating there. He stands firm and lets her nuzzle into his personal space. She is the one with exaggerated body motions, while he remains the oak tree under which she frolics like the nymphette she is.

Often, you can identify the alpha male better by watching how the women in his company react to him than by his accomplishments or his leadership skills.


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