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There is a phenomenon which I like to call Sex Mediated Differences in Travel Experiences. The theory accounts for the following real world observations:

– a woman is more likely to have a fling in a foreign country than at home

– a man is less likely to have a fling in a foreign country than at home

– a woman is less likely to have a fling with a foreign-born traveler in her home country

– a man is more likely to have a fling with a foreign-born traveler in his home country

For the typical woman, traveling abroad is basically an excuse to make dirty love with a dude who speaks broken English with an adorable cheese-grating accent. For the typical man, traveling abroad is a cultural awakening, since he won’t be spending much time banging foreign girls like he had hoped.

The science behind the Sex and Travel Theory is simple: women crave men higher in status than themselves, and territorial familiarity — or territorial mastery —  is one form of status signaling. A woman abroad — as long as she doesn’t restrict herself to expat communities — is surrounded by local men who know the land, the people and the language. By dint of their local knowledge and proficiency with the culture they become higher status than the traveling woman, no matter what her relative income or social status back home. As a result, the traveling woman is primed to perceive foreign men as higher status than herself, and thus more sexually attractive.

The traveling man, in contrast, will be perceived by local girls as having less status than themselves, simply by being a naif in a new land. This is especially true in countries where the women aren’t dirt poor or surrounded by drunkards and trying to win the green card lottery. (See: Any West European country.) Many men discover to their surprise that they have to work harder to pick up chicks in foreign countries than they do to pick up women in their own country.

At home, the scenario reverses polarity. A woman has less incentive to pursue a fling with a visiting foreigner because his baseline status as an outsider is lower than hers. He has no special knowledge of the land she lives in. But a man finds it easier to pursue flings with foreign girls in his own country because they now perceive his “home field advantage” status as higher than theirs.

Again, ask any man with experience in dating foreign girls and he will tell you scoring foreign chicks on his own turf is a breeze compared to scoring foreign chicks in their own countries. At home, he has an in-built status boost relative to visiting foreign girls, and this works to his advantage, even when he is not aware of it.


You still should have a working familiarity with some of the cultural and psychological differences between groups of foreign girls. A Russian is not a Czech. Although game principles are universal, there are some distinctive nuances separating the ethnicities.

The intrinsic advantage that you will have with a foreign girl on your home turf dissipates the longer she has been here, exposed to the rot of American feminism, consumerism and celebrity culture. This starry-eyed, zero-bitch shield period will be strongest when she’s fresh off the boat, and gradually diminish with time. If she’s fluent in English and from a Western nation, expect her disenchantment to emerge around month three. If she’s not fluent in English and she’s from Russia, Africa, Latin America or some parts of East Europe, expect the glow of automatic tingles whenever an American man talks to her to linger for two years.

You can do well overseas if a) you have game, hybrid vigor looks, and a decent command of the local language, or b) you leverage your “expert from afar” credentials. A man with some local knowledge, money, or international business interests can do well with foreign girls who, like all women, are attracted to the stranger who comes into town bearing gifts of mystery and allure.

If you are operating from your home country, don’t neg foreign chicks as much as you would American chicks. The language difficulties and tacit status differential are already enough negs for even the hottest foreign girls. Negs, sarcasm and teasing are often misconstrued by foreign girls as rejections.


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