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A reader emails:

I was recently having a conversation with the girl I’m currently dating. She’s the first girl with whom I’ve successfully fully integrated the Dark Arts of Alphadom. We somehow got on the subject of the amount people (males and females alike) demand from their partners, when she said something that took me aback:

“You’re not demanding at all!”

The reason this surprised me is everything in this relationship has been on my terms. I decide when, where and how long we’re going to hang out. I tell her she can’t do things with me and demand that she get me a snack after sex.

Why would her hamster make her say something like that?

P.S. Thanks to your advice, I got her a blowpop that said “You Rock!” for valentines day.

Another reader has seen the hamster behind the curtain, and he is amazed at its contortionist ability. What you have witnessed, good sir, is the halo effect in action. When you are gaming a girl successfully and she perceives your alphaness shining like a supernova, everything you do — even the stinky shits you take — will be imbued with a positive glow by her HIL (Hamster In Love). I have belched in girls’ ears and pressed my ass cheeks against them just in time to rip a vibrato fart and the best they could muster in reply was feigned indignation betrayed by fledgling smiles. In stark contrast, if any old beta farts in a girl’s face he will be chewed out and shown the door, or possibly kneed in the grapes. Similarly, if a beta tries to make demands of his girl, she will explode in self-righteous fury and feminist boilerplate.

But when you are loved for the charismatic alpha male you are, you can do no wrong. The bitter well from which those feminist harangues are drawn and that spill so easily from her lips when she is upbraiding beta males suddenly dries up when she is in the presence of a rare breed of man. It’s no coincidence that women regress to a child-like demeanor when they are with their lovers. The best of childhood is innocence, joy and carefree vivacity. That is what a good man does for a woman who loves him.

A woman who is constitutionally incapable of this girlhood regression is not worth loving.

The halo effect is only a partial explanation. When you are a dominant man leading your woman on the important, and sometimes not-so-important, issues, she will simply be unable to perceive your demands as anything other than sweet relief from the drone of betas buzzing around her every day and everywhere. To her mind, your demands, while objectively presumptive and patronizing, are freedom from her stultifying self-sufficiency, assertiveness and combativeness.

Do you think a normal, young, cute woman wants to be assertive? To take charge? To lead? To make the decisions? Of course not! When she does these things she feels less feminine. But when you make demands of her, she feels more feminine, more like a woman. She feels as if her purpose in life has been rediscovered, and the jagged edges of her daily grind have been smoothed and polished. This is what a woman means when she says “this just feels right for some reason.”

It’s almost Orwellian what happens to a WIL’s mental processes when she is in the company of her lover. Surrender is victory. Slavery is freedom. Submission is power. If you do not understand what I’m talking about (a reaction I expect from the feminist cunts and the inexperienced nancyboys) you will need to read the book upon which the Chateau of this blog gets its inspiration.

Men can’t comprehend why women respond so positively to dominating men. The typical man will bristle and his muscles will tense when another man attempts to assert his dominance over him. The severity of the bristling is in proportion to the closeness of the status differential. (Men tend to ignore or abide dominance assertions by men who are far above them in status, deciding it is best to fight for status rights where there is a chance of winning.)

This incomprehension with the flow of the female mind leads men to project their own sexual attraction mechanisms onto women, emphasizing things like youth and beauty to attract women and de-emphasizing things like dominance and authoritarianism. This is as good an explanaion as any for the mere existence of the mass of bumbling betas. But the men who have had their minds opened to the biomechanical matrix and their hearts opened to the transcendent possibilities for love are the men that women subconsciously prefer to shower with their gratitude — in the best way they know how.

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