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Emails from readers praising this blog for making their lives better are a daily occurrence nowadays, but these two notes of thanks — one an email and the other a comment — struck a chord.

I found your blog about 1 1/2 years ago. I check it out just about everyday. I love reading your stories, about game, women, and just your day to day thoughts. During my year long deployment to Afghanistan it really helped me get through the week. Just wanted to say thanks for everything you do, and I hope you keep on posting.



And this comment from a man in India who calls himself “kc”:

Dear Chateau members,
I was introduced to your blog in 2010 via Bernard Chapin. Ever since I have been an avid reader. I write from India. You have an Indian fan. As someone who is on the verge of getting married, let me tell you your advice works. I have tried it and it works. Man have to lead. There is no alternative. While I am looking for marriage and not STRs/LTRs, reading Game and Athol Kay etc etc has made a difference to my life. In the Indian context, I would certainly say that elements of Game work. Since we have not reached that level of feminism like in the US so far and in the comparative absence of a welfare state, while hard core gaming is not necessary, elements can be applied for the good. The knife of game can be used for life saving surgeries. I don’t have any illusions about women any more but enjoying the love of one is certainly good. Some day I would write a guest post for the Chateau, giving my experiences. Regards.

Would it be uncouth to preen? Of course it would. *PREEN*

Reader thank yous like the ones above are reminders that the subversive works of the Chateau have broadened into an enterprise more meaningful than the fun, downtime hobby which was, and will continue to be, its true purpose. What happens at the Chateau, no longer stays at the Chateau.

And, kc, you are welcome to write a guest post about your experience with game in India.


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