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Obama’s post-blood libel “Let’s move past the hate that was completely generated by my side” speech which sent tingles up Rich Lowry’s khakied pants is a classic example of triangulation. Obama nods and winks for a few days as his ideological allies go on the offense smearing their political and cultural enemies, and then emerges from the fray to deliver an impassioned call for unity and civility, thus positioning himself as the savior with the efflorescent halo who can bridge the divide and turn those frowns upside down. Naturally, this bridging involves a lot of government largesse and leftist cultural brainwashing.

Is Obama a better triangulator than Clinton was? That remains to be seen, but there is no denying that triangulation is effective psy ops on the mediocre masses. Expect Obama’s poll numbers to jump and open borders amnesty to receive a modest osmotic boost in support.

If the right ever wants to win at this game they need to get it through their thick skulls that the way to victory is through the game concept of framing. Frame the debate, win the hearts and minds. Take a page from the Alinsky school for radical revolution: the best defense is a good offense.

Whenever these cultural blow-ups occur, the right is always left reeling on its heels, in the defensive posture. They need a little more of that irrational confidence and lack of scruples that the left has in spades. They need to be more proactively mischievous. Instead, the right continually plays the role of the qualifying girl to the leftist PUA. That’s a great way to get screwed, but doesn’t do much for avoiding pump and dumps.

This is one of the many reasons why Palin generates so much hate. She may not be the brightest bulb, but she knows how to set the terms of the conversation, and this drives the left insane, accustomed as they are to wielding the cultural bullhorn.

The right also needs to learn to deal with a media industrial complex that is almost wholly a propaganda arm of the left wing and Democrat party. Limbaugh and Fox have their followers, but in the scheme of things they are kazoos against the buzzsaw din that echoes from Hollywood, TV, the music biz, academia, the education racket, news organs, government, NGOs and workplace reeducation camps, all run to a great extent by leftist ruling class elites. This saturation megaphone may not conspire in the traditional sense of the word, but they coordinate by instinct, like fire ants converging on an El Paso picnicker.

Once the right grasps the fact of this stacked deck and what it means for them, they will understand that, despite Obama’s calculated call for unity, the left never intends to play cricket with them. Not as long as that bullhorn stays glued to their lips. The right can get its own bullhorn, but that doesn’t solve the problem; they need to learn to ignore, mock, satirize and NEG, in equal measure, the bleatings of the enemy’s bullhorn. And before that they need to pin their foes against the wall with their own brand of accusatory self-serving righteousness. In other words, set the frame.

It’s odd at first glance that a tiny cadre of high IQ elites can direct the national conversation with such precision, but it starts to make sense when you realize that most people want to be led by a strong band of alpha males. The apolitical middle will heed the hatchet job of the Associated Press and the siren lies of humanities professors and maudlin TV documentaries, and they will fall in line, and wearily assume the problem is now in capable hands and with people who have honest intentions. Meanwhile, the nation dissolves in an acid bath of deceit, a victim of its elite’s facility with psychological manipulation.

Game has taught me to see the unacknowledged, and often unperceived, machinations that govern the behavior of men and women. Not surprisingly, it has also allowed me to see the underlying forces that animate the political sphere, for that sphere is merely a subset contained within the larger sexual market.


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