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Naomi Wolf says porn causes men to get inured to sex with real women. There might be something to this theory if we stipulate that by “real women” Mzzz Wolf means “dumpy hausfraus”. One wonders if she is ready to tackle the logical extension of her theory that riding the cock carousel causes women to get inured to sex with betas. I’m betting not.

From the No Duh Files: women orgasm more freely with alpha males. Women don’t need to be consciously aware of their hypergamy; the Darwinian prime directive has ensured that the intensely pleasurable orgasms women experience with alpha males will motivate them to date up when the options are available.

Dennis Mangan has written an insightful post about “social hormesis”. It draws a parallel between the physical body and the body politic, and how the things that won’t kill you really do make you — your body and your country — stronger. Remove those mini-stressors with decadence and wealth, and the whole thing circles the drain. Must reading for those who are looking for the big picture as to why societies decline.

The sexual market experimentally confirmed.

School overcrowding is going to get much worse, thanks to the soft genocide committed upon this nation by the open borders crowd. What happens when there aren’t any Fairfax school systems left to maraud?

Still think an army of sexbots to service the late-stage forager redux societies’ male rejects is pure fantasy? Its arrival is sooner than you think.

Porn and Penetration. The Oscar Academy just rose up and took notice. It moved me.

Meet a modern American traitor.

It’s been asked why every man isn’t tall if women have such a strong preference for tall men. I propose that there is a check on runaway sexual selection for male height — namely, clumsiness. Watch this video and then this one. It’s pretty clear that the shorter guy wearing the white shoes (I think he’s the bassist) is a more rhythmic dancer than either of the two taller guys. His dance moves are more fluid, less jerky. Maybe height brings with it a fitness reducing cost? (Great YouTube comment to the second vid: “In a call center, somewhere in America, four friends started a band…”)

Think the hardcore neg can’t work? “You’re one of the ugliest girls in the club.”

On an unrelated note, I deleted a recent post because so few commenters seemed to have the requisite grown-up reading comprehension and emotional stability to digest it. The comments were 5% insightful, 45% trollish, and 50% incredibly stupid arguments made in bad faith from both sides. That’s a Chateau record bad noise to signal ratio. It made my eyes hurt, so it gave me supreme pleasure to trash it.


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