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A reader forwarded an article about Spain being the world capital of prostitution.

Prostitution is so popular (and socially accepted) in Spain that a United Nations study reports that 39 per cent of all Spanish men have used a prostitute’s services at least once. A Spanish Health Ministry survey in 2009 put the percentage of one-time prostitute users at 32 per cent: lower than the UN figure, perhaps, but far higher than the 14 per cent in liberal-minded Holland, or in Britain, where the figure is reported to oscillate between 5 and 10 per cent. And that was just those men willing to admit it.

Now you may, in your precious naïvete, think a country that has brothels on every corner is a paradise for womanizers seeking easy prey. If you define “prey” as women who will put out only if you pay them cold cash for services rendered, then you may have a point. But most players and connoisseurs of the art of seducing women to give it up freely would not consider paying for it a noble exercise of their talents. Nor would they think visiting a whore to be a worthy prize for the months and years they dedicated to learning game. After all, what greater pleasure is there than to bed a woman who embraces her surrender willingly? For some men, paying for it has its uses; but for men who pride themselves on their seductive prowess, a willing lover so overcome by desire she would be unable to charge for her wares should the thought even occur to her is the most exquisite conquest of all.

To meet this vast demand, an estimated 300,000 prostitutes are working in Spain – everywhere from clubs in town centres to industrial estates, to lonely country roads to roadside bars, the last often recognisable by gigantic neon signs of champagne bottles or shapely females, flashing away in the darkness. And recently, on the French border, Club Paradise opened with 180 sex workers, making it the biggest brothel in Europe.

Upside to an army of hookers: The average man gets a shot at experiencing the unequalled pleasure of fucking a beautiful young woman.

Downside to an army of hookers: The ranks of hot civilian chicks freely available on a weekend night are noticeably reduced.

As the clubs get larger, the clients get younger. According to studies carried out for the Spanish Association for the Social Reintegration of Female Prostitutes (Apramp), back in 1998 the typical client was a 40-year-old married male. By 2005, however, the average age had dropped to 30 – and it appears to be getting lower. “The kids are going because they see it as a quick way of getting what would take a lot longer to happen if they went to a disco,” Alvaro says. “You’ve got the money, you choose the woman you want and it’s all over and done with.” His own logic is even more brutal: “I go when I don’t have a girlfriend.”

And here we see the crux of the reason why Spain is a horrible place for players seeking to game girls into bed: The country is so full of hot, entitled princesses who play a mean countergame of hard-to-get that men are flocking to whores for some sweet relief. The dead giveaway is the quote that hooking up “would take a lot longer to happen if they went to a disco”. Spain is a country full of blue-balled betas and egotistic stuck-up bitches. In desperation, the betas turn to whores, and in response the whore business booms. The only other explanation for Spain’s high prostitution rate that makes any sense is the notion that Spanish men are horny bastards who need a platoon of girlfriends, wives and whores to adequately drain their balls.

In a player’s calculus for spots to travel, the hotness of the local girls is only part of the equation. He must also consider the susceptibility of those girls to smooth talking. If the girls are hot, but refuse to put out, that places the country squarely in the “scenic tourist trap” category. All show, no blow. Spain would seem to qualify, as would Argentina.

If the women are ugly, but put out on the first night, that places the country in the “old ruins” category. You get a quick fix of unsightly culture for the low price of bus fare. This is the option for swarthy Mediterranean men fleecing vacationing middle-aged Brit women of their vaginas and wallets. It is also the option for American men who prefer the tight holes of Thai ladyboys to the enormous caverns of obese American women.

If the girls are hot *and* put out on the first night, you have found Kiev, Vladivostok, Reykjavik, Warsaw an imaginary nirvana. This is the option for blog writers and diplomats. More about this, I will not say.


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