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Or do they coincidentally agree with the worldview espoused here at the Chateau?

Over two years ago, a post at this blog was written which compared the alphaness of George Bush and Vlad Putin. The coveted Alpha Male Smirk trophy went to Putin.

Now news comes from the infamous WikiLeaks documents that U.S. diplomats have tagged Putin with the alpha male designation.

US diplomats refer to Russian PresidentDmitry Medvedev as a hesitant leader and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as an “alpha male,” Kommersant reported on Monday citing documents released by WikiLeaks. […]

“The Americans call the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev pale and hesitant, and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin an alpha male,” the newspaper wrote.

Do we here at the Chateau have our fingers on the pulse of high stakes diplomacy, or does the elite have its fingers on the pulse of the Chateau? Either way, it’s good to see the ruling class belie their paeans to nuance in favor of embracing the dispiriting truths of reductionism behind closed doors.

So what does Putin think of all this hubbub?

Putin’s spokesman meanwhile told the daily that it was premature to take the reported character portraits too seriously.

“We have to wait and see what level of diplomats made these comments, and in what documents they appear,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the daily.

He likes it.

The alpha male/beta male dichotomy is triumphant across the world, from low stations to high, for good or ill. The lamentations of the equivocating hairsplitters and the rearguard “greater purpose” spiritualists are music to the ears.

If this blog were an apple it would be a granny smith — tart but refreshing.


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