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No-Call Game

Fed up with having to decide when you should call a chick after getting her digits? Tired of phone tag while managing the ever-present annoyance of flaking? Baffled whether to leave a voicemail or send a text? Wondering what kind of message to leave?

You can stop beating yourself up! Jack Goes Forth writes that he has discovered a loophole which he dubs “No-call game”:

My new game: The ‘no-call’ game. You still have to get a girl’s number but during the exchange you pull the ‘text me your number and I’ll hit you back with mine real quick’, then appear to be busy and get the fuck out of dodge. Then you simply never call them. Ever. Even if they call you, you don’t pick up, or reply. You never, ever, call a girl…or really anyone for that matter. In fact even if you meet a girl you really like, you definitely don’t call her. Don’t even call her back. Actually don’t ever see her again unless it happens by chance. I think when you get to this point of game where it really means nothing at all to you to completely lose touch with every girl you meet, for some reason the laws of nature will reward you. You may wonder how you would ever meet up with a girl and put yourself in a position to bang without ever speaking to them, and I can’t answer that. It’s like a jedi-mind trick thing. That’s why this game will only work for only a handful of men.

Through a combination of having girls throw themselves at me while I’m bartending, my hatred of speaking to people over the phone, overwhelming laziness, and a lack of concern for anyone’s feelings but my own, I’ve somehow found myself with 10 different options at a time, all the time. I cheat on the girls that I’m cheating on my girlfriend with. It’s sad really…but I don’t care, which is the whole point of the exercise.

I’m aloof to the point of comatose…. I barely even speak to girls when we’re on an actual date, which I don’t go on. Bartending at a youngish (21-28) party bar has spoiled me for the rest of my life.

I may have found my ‘end game’ (RooshV).

This email was not a joke. I believe in my system.

No-call game is the ultimate expression of aloof and indifferent Uncaring Asshole game. We all know how much hot chicks moisten up for a self-absorbed man who doesn’t take them seriously. (Ugly chicks moisten up, too, but they are smart to realize that an attentive beta is in their best interests.)

No-call game isn’t for everyone. A few things have to be in place for it to work.

  1. You need to collect a lot of numbers. No-calling one chick means there is a 99% chance you will never bang her. No-calling 100 chicks means the chance you will bang any one individual chick just tripled. There seems to be a mysterious “law of large numbers” that takes effect when you are no-juggling lots of girls — opportunities begin to present themselves with little effort on your part.
  2. You need to collect the numbers of chicks who live, work or play near you. No-call game relies in part on future chance encounters — let’s say at Trader Joe’s or on your street — so that when the girl bumps into you she starts chasing you because your no-call raised your value well above hers. Jack is a bartender, which satisfies the “she must play near you” condition.
  3. You need to have ice running through your veins. When that no-called chick runs into you with desire in her eyes she is likely going to shit test the hell out of you for not calling her. Steady on, governor. You’ll need to remain as aloof in her company as when you were not calling her. Hint: act like she is the one with the problem.

You may think this post is a joke, but I can confirm it’s not. Ask any man who is swimming in pussy and he will tell you in so many words that the fruits of no-call game form a big part of his life. Quite simply, in-demand men forget more chicks’ numbers in a day than you will get in a year. And how do those forgotten girls reward them? You guessed it.

Of course, being a bartender helps. A friend with a high status day job in Chicago called to tell me he had taken a side job as a bartender. He sounded excited, so I asked him how it was. He said he’s quadrupled the number of bangs he’s gotten since bartending. He concluded that bartending is a higher status job for men than any societally approved career. But no-call game will work even if you’re not a bartender. Let’s say you meet a girl at your local coffee shop and you game her like you would any girl. You exchange numbers and take off. You never call her. Two weeks later, you see her at the coffee shop again and sit near her.

HER: You never called!

THE DEVIL U WILL ALWAYS FORGIVE: I hate talking on the phone. Funny, we met right at this exact same spot last time.

HER: That’s not cool. You could text.

THE DEVIL U WILL ALWAYS FORGIVE: [shaking head] Big thumbs.

HER: [stifling laugh] You’re one of those guys, huh.

THE DEVIL U WILL ALWAYS FORGIVE: Good to my mother? Yes. [proceeds to game her as if they just met for a surprise date]

Although a girl will act superficially offended that you didn’t call her, underneath her angered and shamed exterior she is bristling with arousal and curiosity. She wants more than ever to know about the man who couldn’t be bothered to follow up for a chance at tapping her cute ass. When meeting girls for sex becomes an afterthought, or even a bother, is when the sex will flow freely like a river.

Also note, as Jack mentioned, that laconic game beats verbose game any time. When in doubt, say nothing with confidence.


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