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Non Sequitur Game

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A reader emails:

I’ve found a version of one word game to be highly successful: one-word non-sequitur game.

It’s great for initiating text messages if you don’t really want to be the one to “initiate”.  I discovered this accidentally by typing “yo” and pressing send, but the auto-correct changed it to “up”.  It causes the girl to wonder what you’re typing about.  And even better, she wonders if you were actually texting someone else.

It can’t be a long or uncommon word.  Too implausible.  It has to be a word one would conceivably use in conversation.  Ideally, a one word declarative.

You may only be able to use it once on each girl.

Possibly the perfect choice? “No”

I like it. Non sequitur game is mystery bait. An odd word or fragmented sentence is like an eight ball to her head hamster — the little rodent will snort it right up and spend the next hour spinning frantically trying to figure out what you were saying, or — *squeal with delight* – whether it was meant for another girl.

I’ve done the accidental non sequitur text to girls, and come to think of it they did text back immediately, asking me to clarify. It’s a superbly sneaky tactic to trick a girl to chase you.

Some other truncated non sequitur game examples:

“see you at”

“leaving” (this one will trigger her threat of loss anxiety)

“we’ll see”



A similar version of non sequitur game is reverse eavesdropping game (REG). This is where you send a text to a girl that has nothing to do with her and is clearly not meant for her, thus inducing her to “eavesdrop” on your putatively private conversation. The REG text should be constructed such that it hints at your high value and/or social proof. Something like “bring the chips and i’ll get the booze. it’s gonna be crazy.” Or “hey troublemaker, how are those red heels holding up?”, which is quite devious since you have any number of plausible excuses to explain the text to her — “I meant to text my friend. She stole a pair of shoes yesterday” — but not before she has stewed in her jealousy for a while. The beauty of the REG DHV (aaaand two consecutive acronyms! high five me!) is how effortlessly it slips under your target’s poseur identification alert system. It’s almost as if a third party is communicating your high value to her. Naturally, she will be inclined to text back immediately, and this will mindfuck her into thinking you are a higher value guy than she originally thought.

REG texting is similar to trial texting. Text game really deserves its own book.


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