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Trial Texting

The phone is dead, long live the text.

For culturally paradigmatic reasons that escape my ken at the moment, speaking on the phone with a girl is going the way of the dodo. A crucial tipping point has been reached — over 50% of my contact with girls on the cell is through text instead of voice. Even when I call and leave a voicemail, she will reply via text. If you are in the market for a new carrier and rate plan, the number of bundled texts is more important than the amount of free minutes.

Texting has become an integral tool of game, so you’ve got to know how to use it to maximize your personal advantage. One of those ways is by trial texting. This is where I will send a short, casual text to a girl, making some funny, irrelevant observation about something, to test her for her level of interest in me. If you’re like me and you collect a lot of numbers, it’s in your interest to streamline operations. You don’t want to waste time and money going on first or second dates with girls who are dragging their feet because they are unsure about you. It helps to have a system whereby you can screen out the lukewarm chicks in favor of the highly attracted girls who are ready to rock down to rawdogging avenue. Trial texting is much more efficient than face-to-face dating for avoiding indecisive girls who want to dally around while they mull over your worthiness in their heads.

When you trial text a girl you will send her a feeler text either later that same night you met her, or you will send it the afternoon of the day after you went on your first date with her. Trial texting becomes pointless after the second date, because by that time your hand should be down her pants diddling her twat.

Here is an example of a trial text I have sent:

I just finished building the world’s smallest snowman.

You can use this example as a guide. Keep it short and insubstantial. You’re not asking her questions or offering a time to meet up. The relevance of your text is immaterial. I’ve found that I will get one of three reactions to a trial text.

  1. She will not reply. Don’t bother setting up a date. Her interest level isn’t strong enough. You’ve just saved an hour of your time and $20 for drinks.
  2. She will reply a few hours later, or the next day. She’s on the fence and probably dating other guys. Use your discretion to decide whether to give her the chance to enjoy the pleasure of your real live company on a date. If you’re juggling a lot of girls and getting laid already, you may want to skip these wafflers.
  3. She will reply within ten minutes. She’s into you. Take her on a date and bring a condom.

Naturally, girls will balk at this devious system because it deprives them of the dates they need to accurately assess the men they meet. But we don’t care about their goals. Men’s and women’s goals are incompatible. This is war and our job is to win, not fight to a draw or serve as pussy fodder.

Some common counterarguments to trial texting:

  • She’ll know what you’re up to.

Doesn’t matter. Girls don’t normally practice inductive reasoning. She knows what you’re up to when you’re running game, but she still likes it.

  • It’s cheesy.

If you really think about it, inserting your penis into her vagina is sort of cheesy. But both of you still want to do it.

  • She’ll think you’re beta for not having the balls to pick up the phone and call.

This is one of those claims that women *think* they should believe, but in reality don’t. I hear this assertion a lot from women on blogs and yet in the real world I rarely observe girls thinking this way. In theory, sending a feeler text is more beta than calling with a firm reason and an intention to set up a date, but in practice it works. Girls who are into you won’t wonder if your trial text is beta, and girls who aren’t into you are ambivalent for reasons that have nothing to do with your trial text.

You’ll find that girls who replied to your trial texts right away are much more enjoyable, and pliable, on dates. I have had no trouble getting these girls into bed by the third date. Girls who delayed replying to my trial texts were a more difficult ho to hoe.

Trial texting is an efficient and effective method for screening out girls who aren’t emotionally and physically anticipating the feel of your member hitting their walls and working the middle.


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