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Beach Game

Readers will sometimes email me with pickup stories or game tips that are too good not to have a wider audience. Since the summer is upon us, this email I received from a reader who overheard a pickup attempt describes a great example of beach game. When you read this, imagine yourself doing the same thing successfully. That should fire your engines.

I love your blog, long time lurker, first time poster blah blah, etc. You know the drill. I’m really writing because I’ve got a fun anecdote for you.

At the beach this weekend my boyfriend and I witnessed some awesome game on another girl sunbathing nearby. Since I’m female, I have no use for it other than amusement value, but I thought you might enjoy it.

The girl was laying down reading a shitty chick-lit book, and this guy with a camera, evidently an amateur photographer, came up to her. This was the exchange that followed:

HIM: Hey, mind if I take a photo?
HER (surprised, sort of unsure, looking up at him as he towers over her): Uhh, sure.
HIM: Ok, great.
(He extends his hand to her, sort of helps her up so now she’s standing next to him. He then proceeds to take a photo of not her, but where she was laying down — her beach towel, book, bag, sunscreen, etc. She seemed pretty surprised.)
HER: That’s what you wanted to photograph?
HIM: Yeah.
HER: Why?
HIM (ignoring her real question): It’s my hobby.
HER: Yeah, I already noticed that. But what’s so special about this? (gestures to the stuff)
HIM: I just happen to find it special. Haven’t you ever felt drawn to something without knowing why? Like, you just had to look twice, for some reason?
HER: Uh, yeah, I guess.
HIM: Most people don’t really stop to notice the beauty in ordinary things. That’s why I like photography, it teaches you to notice things that you wouldn’t have before. (Was this another neg?)
HER: Oh yeah? And what have you noticed, then?
HIM: Well, for one, I’ve noticed that you’re just sitting here reading while your friends are having fun in the water. (There were two empty beach towels near her, so it looked like she was watching their stuff).
(Teasingly) It must be a really good book.
HER: (laughs a little) Yeah, it’s pretty good.
HIM: Anyway, thanks for letting me take my picture.
HER: Sure, no problem.
HIM: Well, I’m off. There are so many interesting things to see and do around here. It was nice to meet you.
HER: Like what things?
HIM: Everything can be an inspiration if you’ve got the right attitude. If you’d like, you’re welcome to come with me and maybe we’ll find some. Good company always helps.
HER: Oh, I can’t just leave my friends’ stuff and everything.
HIM: Sure you can.

THEN he addresses ME. This guy was so pro. I guess he saw us watching them.

HIM: Hey, you seem like a nice person. Do you mind sort of keeping an eye on this stuff until her friends get back?
ME: Yeah, no problem.
HIM: See, no problem?

The girl texts her friends and he leaves with her. Awesome.

If you read this whole thing, let me know what you think.

Keep up the good work.


Fantastic. What camera guy did was textbook. And I mean that in the literal sense; judging by his words I’d be surprised if he wasn’t familiar with the seduction community and pickup literature, particularly NLP influenced speed seduction. His conversation reads like a well-rehearsed routine. Which goes to show that routines aren’t inherently bad. What’s risky isn’t the telling of a routine, but how it’s delivered.

Let’s examine step by step what he did right.

  • Alpha body language. A girl laying on the ground is preselected for the submission position. If you are standing over her, she will feel in her bones this dominance dynamic, and it will be good.
  • Props. Having a camera with him served as a prop to break the ice with the girl.
  • Nuclear neg. The best negs are those that most radically overturn expectation while remaining plausibly complimentary or judgmentally neutral. She thinks he’s a weirdo who wants a pic of her suntanned bod; instead he politely grabs her hand (early kino – good move) to move her aside so he can take a pic of her rumpled beach towel.
  • NLP mastery. “drawn to something” “just had to look twice” “beauty in ordinary things”. This shit is straight outta speed seduction. I always thought SS sounded too hammy for real world use, but this guy shows how to spit SS game like a normal human being. Hint: Brevity is key.
  • DHVing. Photography is chick crack. The photographer and his tools of trade are the medium through which a chick’s ego can ricochet and amplify itself, as she projects her fascination and frustrations with her most valuable asset — her looks — onto the Sauronic eye of the camera lens.
  • Rapport bait. When he tells her that photography teaches you to notice things you would not otherwise, she can’t help but take the bait wondering what he noticed about her and her stuff. Perfect springboard.
  • Situational awareness. He notices two empty towels and uses that information to intensify the seduction.
  • Takeaway/push-pull. She laughs at his book line and thus becomes more invested in the conversation; at which point he dismisses himself, but not before dropping some more rapport bait (“there are so many interesting things to see and do around here”).
  • Challenge/qualification. “Everything can be an inspiration if you’ve got the right attitude.” Does she have the right attitude?
  • Dominance display. “Oh, I can’t just leave my friends’ stuff.” “SURE YOU CAN.”
  • Social savviness/situational awareness/leadership DHV. He notices our alert reader and employs her stuff-watching services, but not before flattering her so that he can better make the sale.

After a clinic like that in how to properly run game, very few girls wouldn’t be creaming their bikinis a little bit. I should also point out that this whole conversation, judging by the number of words, looks to have lasted no more than five or ten minutes. That’s five minutes of tight game from totally random meeting to walking away together for an instadate. Does anyone here still doubt the power of game? If you do, you are just looking for excuses to continue failing. And that, my friend, brands you with the scarlet L of the loser.

PS It would be funny if this post’s title duped a bunch of people to come here hoping for information on smashball and frisbees.


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