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A reader who requested anonymity sent me some background information on Miranda Kerr.

You probably don’t have many Aussie readers, since they would gleefully point out that Miranda doesn’t take her own advice.

This guy ripped off and lied to her family, just like everyone else around him. Miranda likes the bad boys too.

Search for “Adrian Camilleri” on Google and you’ll find a wealth of shit.

Hey, chicks dig the dark triad.

I wonder if Adrian bought her the right size in between the time he spent stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her family? Or maybe it was his diligence at finding a babysitter on those nights when he was taking some time off lying to everyone around him? Perhaps he was good at connecting with her… deeply, so deeply… during moments away from being an über douche master of the universe?

Aaaaannd, take it away, commenters!


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