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Preschoolers Working It

Want to feel dirty? Watch:

(Hat tip: reader Seth)

These little girls are pretty good dancers. Some of the commenters argue they aren’t doing anything sexual. Looks to me like they are performing the exact same sexy dance moves as grown women with boobs and butt. Drop it, shake it, split it, girly!

I really wonder what goes through the minds of parents who would skank up their five year old daughters. Preparing them for a world of assholes, players and game? That reasoning would at least make some sense. When you are saturated in a femicentric culture that places no obligation on women, removes all slut shaming, and releases them from dependence on men’s resources, then the natural result is a race to the base that exalts women’s good-to-go sexuality far above all other values, as that is the last standing value that has any currency left in a wide open, marriage-averse mating market. And what better way to make sure your little angel knows the right moves to get more attention from the boys than the other whorelets than by decking her out in bra and panties onstage and teaching her the fine art of suctioning her privates to the floor. I bet single moms are more prone to doing this sort of experimentation with their bastard spawn.

“Here, little Jenny, put on this sequined stripper outfit.”

“Here, little Johnny, try your first cigarette. And good job beating up that kid at school! Girls love that in a man.”

People wonder why there are so many douchebags, assholes, and players roaming the high school halls of America. Where have all the good men gone?, cry women.

Ladies, you get the men you deserve.

The time has come to institute a parenting test for all would-be mothers. If you fail the test, you get sterilized, or your child gets sent to an orphanage at birth. At the very least, we should be removing any and all welfare statist safety nets from the bottom of burgeoning wombs. If you can’t raise a kid without state aid or corporate aid (paid maternity leave is a form of consumer-supported welfare that enables single motherhood), then it dies in the street. Viva la abortion!


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