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“You’re very brave to come over to talk with me.”

“Your flirting is charming.”

“As we’re sitting here talking I can tell you seem really happy.”

“Wow! Don’t get too excited.” [Note: Not to be used sarcastically. That would be signaling lower value.]

“Hmm. Your hands are shaking.” [Doesn’t matter if they’re not shaking. Use as part of palm reading routine.]

“Hope I didn’t make you wait too long.” [Say after returning much later from talking with friends.]

“Your answers tell me that you are drawn to men who break your heart.” [Use as part of love test routine.]

“You have a… different… sense of humor/sense of style/way of looking at the world.”

“You have a quirky personality. I have a friend — he’s been single a while; I guess he’s picky — who would totally get you.”

“You’re not like most women. You seem like you want to know about me more than you want to talk about yourself.”

“Your eyes are dancing.”

“I have a confession to make. I forgot your name.” [You should say this to every girl at some point during the initial meet, regardless whether you remember her name. I have yet to experience a bad reaction from a girl when I said this.]

“A lot of girls in this city come on too strong with men. I’m glad you can talk with me without getting weird.”

“This is a pleasant surprise. You’re winning me over.”

Saying any of these things to a girl during the course of a pickup will artfully communicate your higher status relative to hers, which will in turn prepare her body for copulation.

PS: Try to use the word “girls” for women, and “men” for men, in your daily conversation.


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