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Mimicking Social Circle Game

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20% of my lays were through social circle entrustments. That is, a significant minority of women I’ve banged were introduced to me, or I to them, through mutual friends, usually at house parties or mixed group gatherings at bars. Social circle game is a powerful force, most in evident during the college years, but always playing a role throughout life. It’s easy to see why this is so. Women’s eggs are a pricey commodity and they aren’t predisposed to hand over those eggs to just any random sperm wandering by. Women need to know the semen vehicle soliciting them is carrying quality seed. Sometimes they acquire the relevant information by talking with and observing the suitor; other times they rely on trusted friends to do their dirty work for them. Any man can get a huge leg up with a woman simply by being positively introduced to her through a friend of her’s, preferably a female friend, though a trusted beta orbiter male friend will also work in his favor.

Men don’t need social circle game to get laid. Our visual scanner is all the proof we need that we want to meet, seduce, and bang a girl. But many men do rely on social circle game because that’s what women emphasize. And men, if nothing else, are all about the path of least resistance to sex. In the final analysis, all men are ultimately playing by women’s rules of attraction. (Similarly, all women are playing by the slimmer volume of men’s rules of attraction. See: Any fat chick or aging single mom who must settle for less than what she could get if she were slender, younger, and childless.)

Recognizing this reality of the mating market, the smart man asks himself how he can capitalize on a woman’s instinct for social circle game without having any actual, you know, corresponding social circle with her. Luckily, there are ways to outmaneuver a woman’s hindbrain with subtle psychological ploys.

What you need: One socially savvy wingman (or, even better, wingwoman). One target. A trickster’s heart.

Stand with your wingman ten paces from your target. Have your wing approach the target alone. Don’t acknowledge your target in any way. Your wingman will have a script ready to recite upon introducing himself to your target.

SUPERFLY WINGMAN: Hey, I remember you. I met you at Bridget’s party a few months back. My girlfriend Ellen was with me. You know her?

ASSTITSFACE: No, I don’t think I was at that party.

SUPERFLY WINGMAN: Well, it was a while ago. No biggie. I think you mentioned you liked surfing, or maybe it was running. Are you a surfer? You kind of look like the California type surfer chick.

ASSTITSFACE: No, I’ve never surfed.

SUPERFLY WINGMAN: [Here he digresses about what she likes to do, and draws out something that she does enjoy, like badminton. The wingman will need a good ten minutes to get a solid conversation rolling] Badminton?! That’s bad ass. Hey, my buddy over there plays badminton with his nephew. I’ll introduce you guys. [Wingman waves you over. You look over, point at yourself questioningly, then join them.]

SUPERFLY WINGMAN: Hey, SUPER ALPHA DUDE, this is ASSTITSFACE. Me and Ellen met her at some party a while ago, and she likes badminton. And I thought you were the only weirdo I knew who played badminton. But don’t worry, she seems pretty cool otherwise.

SUPER ALPHA DUDE (YOU): Hey, ASSTITSFACE, I’m surprised my buddy here knows another badminton lover. [GAME ON]


So what was accomplished here? First, note how your wingman immediately disqualifies himself as a potential suitor when he tells the target he has a girlfriend. This is to ensure that the follow-up “fake social circle” game is not corrupted by her distrust of his intentions.

Second, when she (naturally) objects that she wasn’t at the party, your wing brushes it off, and continues on as if she *was* at the party. Now she’s starting to wonder if maybe she was there, but she sadly doesn’t remember. Your wing then quickly redirects the conversation to a related subject — surfing — one that is presumed was broached initially at the long ago party. He makes this part up, but it doesn’t matter. It’s just a springboard to get her talking about herself so that your wing can find a phony commonality between her and you. Once the commonality has been established, your wing calls you over, acting the whole time as if the target is someone your wing knows from a mutual friend.

Once you’re in, you are no longer any old schmoe she just met. Now you’re the friend of a cool guy who she may or may not have met at a mutual friend’s party. Fake social circle game is subtle in its imprint upon the female psyche, but don’t let its subtlety distract you from its power to ply pussy. Most of the women you will want to bang will not be part of your social circle. Fake social circle game can help bridge that gap.


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