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A reader emails:

Dear Chateau,

I am a 32 year old quasi-alpha who is looking to make up for lost time. Due to my history and upbringing, I have had few successful relationships with women. I am returning to college to finish my degree. Could you make some suggestions so my time in college is more fruitful this time? Could you recommend some resources to read (besides your blog, which totally rocks btw)? Do you do phone counseling?

I get emails from readers requesting game resources at least once a week. I think I’ve written about resources before, but in case not, here is a reference post that lists what I believe is very good pickup material. The following is what I consider top tier game resources.

Still the bible of pickup. Read this one first because it will introduce you in layman’s terms to the evolutionary wisdom that underlies the seduction of women, and very quickly moves on to real, practical techniques that you can immediately apply in field. Mystery Method isn’t the final word on pickup, and it has some flaws in its focus on opening large groups in nightclubs that might put off more introverted men, but it continues to be one of the best reference manuals out there. There is a new and improved edition that dispenses with some of the off-putting acronyms.

A good game resource should do one thing well — it should give you tools that you can easily envision using in the field and will result in immediate positive feedback from women. Deangelo’s cocky/funny banter does just that. (PS: You can find a lot of this stuff for, ahem, considerably less than retail price.)

Savoy used to be in business with Mystery before he broke out on his own and wrote “Magic Bullets”. (Mystery reformulated his company from “Mystery Method” to “Venusian Arts” because of a legal issue surrounding the breaking up of the original pickup companies.) I’ve only glanced through this book, but from what I saw it looks good. Right on point and fluff-free. Lots of solid routines and ready-to-use examples.

Lance Mason may not be a game innovator like Mystery, but he puts it together in a very polished product. His “Dress to Impress” style guide and his “Physical Confidence” DVDs are also noteworthy.

“Bang” gets a prominent place in this list because, quite frankly, I find myself referencing Roosh’s pickup guide more often than the more expensive selections above. It’s a slim volume that you can turn to in a pinch, like just before heading out for the night. The best thing about “Bang” is its accessibility; there are “cool, down to earth” lines in here that you can actually picture yourself saying, even if you are a shy guy.

This is not so much a reference manual of game tactics as it is a biography of the pickup lifestyle. Important in its own right, but not required reading if all you want are practical tools to begin seducing women. Nevertheless, you should read it if for no other reason than that it brings you into a world of possibility and shows you the lives of a bunch of non-famous dudes successfully bedding hot women using nothing but game technique. Also gives you a glimpse at the unbalanced genius that is Mystery. Inspiring.

The progenitor of Mystery and Style? A landmark lay guide. Read it.

I haven’t read much of Tyler Durden’s stuff (he runs RSD), but I keep hearing from people that his Blueprint series is excellent. So I include it on the top tier list caveat emptor.

My second tier list of game resources:

After reading the above, you may find some value in the following products.

  • Stephane Hemon’s Girlfriend Training Program

I’m on his mailing list. Sure, he’s a loopy new-ager, but he’s got some valuable things to say about inner game and the nature of women. Don’t let the chakra stuff put you off. Hemon used to have a Squirting Orgasm video guide, but I think he stopped selling it because of the breakup with the girl featured in the video. Learning to give your girl a squirting orgasm is an underappreciated art. Or you can get lucky and bang blogger chicks who squirt naturally.

  • The Real Social Dynamics and Stylelife internet forums

The internet forums are some of the best places to get the latest in game techniques. I’d participate in these forums if I could remember my damned user ID and passwords.

  • Badboy ebook and DVDs

Probably the closest PUA to a true natural. Guy walks with a limp from a war injury acquired during the Serbian conflict and bangs hot East Euro babes. One of the few pickup dudes I’d actually like to meet in real life.

  • Carlos Xuma and Zan DVDs

Smooth operators. The older gentleman’s pickup resource.

  • Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”

What do sales, politics, business, love, and pickup have in common? Everything.

  • Robert Wright’s evospych book “The Moral Animal”

My very first introduction to evolutionary psychology. Eye-opening. Goes to show that a liberal can occasionally put out a worthwhile book.

  • Matt Ridley’s evo book “The Red Queen”

The red pill.


This isn’t an inclusive list by any means. I tend to weight material that has been out in circulation for a while because, to be honest, I haven’t read much game stuff in the past year. So if anyone has a resource they’d recommend, or a suggestion for material of a recent vintage that might contain improvements on old ways of doing things, feel free to mention it in the comments. We should never stop learning.


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