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Time To Boredom

There are two reasons men get bored with women: Intellectual incompatibility and beauty incompatibility. The less mentally stimulating or aesthetically stimulating a woman is to a man, the quicker he will grow bored with her and throw his worm back into the waters for nibbles from new fish. Which of these two factors controls a larger portion of a man’s interest? Beauty, clearly, and especially so in the critical first few months, but assuming a threshold for acceptable beauty is met intellectual attraction or lack thereof serves to capture a man’s interest beyond the three-month mark. If neither the beauty nor intellectual threshold of attraction is crossed, a man will get bored after the first ejaculation. If both are met, a man is susceptible to the woman’s ploys to entrap him into marriage.

Beauty and intellectual compatibility are relative to the man’s dating market value. If the man is a 9, he will need a woman who is a 9 or 10 in beauty, and no less than 10 IQ points lower than his own, if he is to avoid getting bored with her after a month or two. Although I’ve known plenty of people whose wit, charm, and humor belied their average IQs, I will use IQ in this post as a rough proxy for intellectual and personality compatibility. For purposes of discussion, I’ll set aside the few exceptions where the IQ of the partners is equal but their interests are so contrary that boredom becomes a manifestation of despising the other person’s hobbies.

What follows is a handy chart illustrating Time To Boredom for the average man (male dating value rank = 5 on a scale of 0 – 10 inclusive) based on the two critical variables of female beauty and IQ. Note that Time To Boredom is a relative value that will, on average, occur much sooner for a high ranking man than it would for a low ranking man. It is conceivable, in fact, that a male 10 will get bored with every woman he meets within hours if he doesn’t have mistresses to take up the slack in his attention span, while a male zero might take years to get bored of a female zero, although in the latter case the boredom might be just as quickly forthcoming but given the dearth of options available to the male zero he will work hard to keep his boredom and disgust hidden from his ugly partner.

Female IQ is measured against a male baseline of 100.

Female Hotness            Female             Time To Male
Rank IQ Boredom
0                                   +-10 points     1 nanosecond (Neural disgust registers
before conscious awareness)
0                                   >-10 points      same diff
0                                   >+10 points     same diff
1                                   +-10 points      1 millisecond (time to retinal burn)
1                                   >-10 points      irrelevant
1                                   >+10 points     1 millisecond to boredom + annoyance
2                                   +-10 points      1 second
2                                   >-10 points      1 minute (male inspired to
ridicule the dummy)
2                                   >+10 points     1 minute (male inspired to
ridicule the nerd)
3                                   +-10 points      5 minutes (male tries to find
redeeming quality)
3                                   >-10 points      3 minutes (male fails at finding
redeeming quality)
3                                   >+10 points     6 minutes (takes male extra minute to
realize she’s ugly thanks to her
impressive knowledge of
computer hardware)
4                                    +-10 points      1 hour (male wants same night lay)
4                                    >-10 points      1/2 hour (male wants same hour lay)
4                                    >+10 points     2 hours (males wants same night lay
with talky talky chick)
5                                    +-10 points      5 weeks (bloom off the rose after
third bang)
5                                    >-10 points      3 weeks (pillow talk excruciating)
5                                    >+10 points     4 weeks (male charmed, then annoyed,
by chick’s nerdiness)
6                                    +-10 points      3 months (best he’s ever had,
but still not that good)
6                                    >-10 points      2 months (her hobby is beer pong)
6                                    >+10 points     2.5 months (emasculated by her
sharp tongue)
7                                    +-10 points      1 year (a beta’s heaven)
7                                    >-10 points      9 months (tard kills boners dead)
7                                    >+10 points     1.5 years (male inspired by her,
but relationship unstable)
8                                    +-10 points      5 years (even a beta will get tired
of sex with same hottie)
8                                    >-10 points      5 years (she’s too hot to care
about tardness)
8                                    >+10 points     5 years (she’s too hot to care
about nerdiness)
9                                    +-10 points      30 years (beta suffers seizure from
constant stream of endorphins)
9                                    >-10 points      30 years (she’s too hot to notice
9                                    >+10 points     30 years (she’s too hot to notice
much of anything except
how hot she is)
10                                 +-10 points      forever (entered realm of unreality)
10                                 >-10 points      forever + 1 (tardness means she can’t
tell he’s a beta)
10                                 >+10 points     forever -1 (one day, she uses big word
that renders him impotent)

As you can see, it is almost guaranteed that men of every status rank will grow bored with their girlfriends, dates, wives, fuckbuddies without an external injection of groinal stimulation. There is only one way a man can delay Time To Boredom:



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