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I’ve got another post up at men’s magazine The Spearhead for my Friday Night Game weekly series. An excerpt:

Luckily, the AMOG is more oversized totem than reality. Nine out of ten times you will not have to worry about another man deliberately interfering with your pickup. It is even rarer for a man to hit on your girlfriend in your presence. (This latter flavor of evil normally happens when the victim boyfriend gives off the beta vibes of someone who is hanging on by a thread to his girlfriend, and knows it.) But it does happen, and if you go out a lot to meet women or to chill with your lady you should be prepared for those times you get AMOGed, because nothing lowers your status — or your testosterone — faster than a tooling by a socially stronger man. And every woman who sees it go down will treat you like the plague.

I go on to describe tactics for dealing with especially aggressive alpha males who are trying to steal your girl. Go read the whole thing of beauty over there.


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