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To find out what people actually prefer in sex partners it’s much better to observe what they do than to ask them what they do. (You noting this, GSS nerds?) Our sex preferences, being the bedrock human value that underlies all other values, is also the one most susceptible to self-deceit. In that vein, a billion readers sent me a link to the blog of the online dating service OkCupid that had a post about research that compared the rates that people of different races respond to messages sent to them by horny admirers. You can go read the full article, including charts, here. I imagine it’ll be genuinely eye-opening to those who’ve been living in a windowless basement their whole lives.

The author, Christian, good SWPL that he likely is, interprets the data from a “racism is alive and well” perspective, but we here at CH headquarters know better. These are the ugliest of the ugly truths. Read on.

The author writes:

When I first started looking at first-contact attempts and who was writing who back, it was immediately obvious that the sender’s race was a huge factor. Here are just a handful of the numbers that illustrate that:

Black men love Asian chicks because they play hard to get. Really hard to get. The big surprise is the love that Indian women (dot, not feather) *don’t* have for their Indian brothers. Wassupwitdat, subcontinental ladies? I’ve written before that it’s likely the natural human preference, for all races of people, is to date, and particularly marry, within race. OKcupid is just one American online dating service (which skews young, educated and progressive) so we aren’t seeing the full picture, but assuming this data is even remotely indicative of reality outside of the online dating world, then one wonders why Indian men turn off their own women. Is this an emigrant phenomenon? If we dumped a bunch of white guys in Bombay would the Indian women immediately jettison their homeboys for the fresh white meat? Or is it just Americanized Indian chicks that have the Temperate Zone Fever?

The author goes on to explain how they calculated reply rates by race, describing the match compatibility system that OKcupid uses. You can read the details there, but in short, it looks as though, given an exact match on all other variables, people are choosing to reply or to not reply based on the one variable of race.

When viewing the charts below, keep in mind that yellow is a neutral (expected) reply rate, red is a reply rate that is lower than predicted by match compatibility, and green is a reply rate higher than predicted.

Now let’s look at the vastly different table of actual reply rates for messages, sent by men to women (I know our gay readers are interested in same-sex versions of these tables, and I will produce them next week):

The numbers on the perimeter of the table are the weighted average rates for each column/row. Here’s what we know:

Black women are sweethearts. Or just talkative. But either way, they are by far the most likely to reply to your first message. In many cases, their response rate is one and a half times the average, and overall black women reply about a quarter more often.

That’s not all we know, Christian. Some other possible reasons why black women reply at higher rates to men of all races:

– they’re sluttier.
– they’re more open-minded.
– they’re more experimental.
– they have lower standards.
– they get less attention from men in general so they resort to casting their net farther and wider for a nibble.

Note also that black women reply at the lowest rates to black men. For all the talk from black women about how much they want to date black men, their actual online preferences suggest they really want to date anyone *but* a black man.

White men get more responses. Whatever it is, white males just get more replies from almost every group. We were careful to preselect our data pool so that physical attractiveness (as measured by our site picture-rating utility) was roughly even across all the race/gender slices. For guys, we did likewise with height.

Maybe I should try my hand at online dating again. I did it a few times, with surprisingly good results (for me, anyway; not so much for the husband of the chick who agreed to meet me), but despite my unusual success in the online world, I don’t recommend it as anything more than a supplement to meeting girls in real life. The main reason why online dating sucks is simple: The kind of girls who have to hide behind a monitor to meet men often look like this:


So which women give white guys like me the most love? Native Americans, Other, and Black chicks. My memories of sweet intimacy with black girls are fond.

White women prefer white men to the exclusion of everyone else—and Asian and Hispanic women prefer them even more exclusively. These three types of women only respond well to white men. More significantly, these groups’ reply rates to non-whites is terrible. Asian women write back non-white males at 21.9%, Hispanic women at 22.9%, and white women at 23.0%. It’s here where things get interesting, for white women in particular. If you look at the match-by-race table before this one, the “should-look-like” one, you see that white women have an above-average compatibility with almost every group. Yet they only reply well to guys who look like them. There’s more data on this towards the end of the post.

Speculation time: Did the mass of white SWPL women vote for Obama to assuage their subconscious guilt for prefering white men as mates? The jig is up white ladies. The next time I hear one of you braying about “racism this” and “racism that” I’m gonna shove this data right back in your pieholes.

Based on the weighted average rates at the bottom of the chart, Indian and Asian girls are the coyest women. Men, it’s a solid gameplan to avoid dating these chicks if you want to get some action before the tenth date.

Let’s see what happens when it’s the women writing the messages to men.

The first thing we notice is how much more eagerly men reply to female senders of all races than women reply to male senders. Hey, men are easier lays than women, news at 11. The second thing that jumps out is the high rate that Middle Eastern women get replies. According to this chart, white women are not the queens of the ball; every other group of women except black women gets a slightly higher reply rate than white women. Are white women’s deserved shitty reputation for entitlement, loudness, and cat hording finally catching up to them? Or is it that obese white women are more likely than fat chicks of other races to turn to the internet for love? What we do know is that worldwide, white women are the admired example of femininity, even for little children whose parents and culture are trying to convince them otherwise.

Men don’t write black women back. Or rather, they write them back far less often than they should. Black women reply the most, yet get by far the fewest replies. Essentially every race—including other blacks—singles them out for the cold shoulder.

Black women get no love. Summoning the Obsidian Kraken.

White guys are shitty, but fairly even-handed about it. The average reply rate of non-white males is 48.1%, while white guys’ is only 40.5%. Basically, they write back about 20% less often. It’s ironic that white guys are worst responders, because as we saw above they get the most replies. That has apparently made them very self-absorbed. It’s interesting that white males do manage to reply to Middle Eastern women. Is there some kind of emergent fetish there? As Middle Easterners are becoming America’s next racial bogeyman, maybe there’s some kind of forbidden fruit thing going on. (Perhaps a reader more up-to-date on his or her Post-Colonial Theory can step in here? Just kidding. Don’t.)

I would also note from the chart that Middle Eastern men are the biggest horndogs of all races.

The title of this post is sarcastic. It’s no more racist to prefer the opposite sex of your own race for dating and fucking than it is to prefer brunettes to blondes. If sex preferences are racist, then we need a new word for *real* racism; racism that includes things like forced segregation (superracism), racial violence (superduperracism) or slavery (goddamnthat’ssomebadassracismrightthere). But our sexual preferences are hardwired, and if the free expression of those preferences are racist, then racism itself is hardwired. Woops. Cat’s out of the bag!

The knee-jerk response to all this unsettling data from good, moral liberals will be “Ah, this just shows that institutional racism is still with us so we need more reeducation camps, mach schnell!”, never once considering the possibility that these “racist” preferences, by progressive socially enlightened OkCupid members no less!, reflect deep biological proclivities to favor mates who look like us. ON AVERAGE.

It’s no coincidence that our Western transnational de-patriotized elites are propagandizing Americans with a constant bombardment of images of interracial couples and swooning articles extolling the virtues, nay the moral imperative, of white people to date other races. The elites, hermetically and hypocritically marrying within their own race/class/ethnic religion, have it in for those who are best positioned to unseat them from their thrones of power. They know that if tribal identity, instinct — and even behavior — are biologically unalterable, then no government policy in the world will solve what they see as an impediment to utopia. This depresses them no end. Their answer is to have everyone (but themselves) mix it up in the sack until all human diversity is gone and we are left with a one race world that can get on in an orderly fashion with the business of being cogs churning in the gears of the globocorporate krell machine.

But it will never work. The heart wants what the heart wants.


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