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Roman Polanski: Alpha Male

How do you recognize the alpha male? Ye shall know him by the shamelessness of women who aren’t his mother willing to defend his indefensible misdeeds. Despite drugging and violating a young girl like a porn star, feminists, pundits, sanctimonious Hollywood liberals, and even the victim herself have rushed to excuse Roman Polanski’s crime:

In 2003, [the victim Samantha Geimer] wrote a generous Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times, saying Polanski should not be barred from receiving a Best Director Oscar for “The Pianist.”

“I don’t really have any hard feelings toward him, or any sympathy, either. He is a stranger to me,” she wrote.

The alpha male is a morally neutral concept. George Washington was an alpha male. Richard Ramirez is an alpha male. The alpha male can be a paragon of virtue, or a demon of vice. More often he is the latter, which tells us something very disheartening about the female psyche.

This is why my definition of the alpha male remains, however disturbing to those who find it necessary to impart moral gravitas to men who luxuriate in the love of women, the most elegant and encompassing description of the species to be found anywhere on the internet:

The alpha male is defined by the hotness of the women he can attract, the strength of their attraction for him, and the number of them who find him attractive.

Childless or dynastic. Death row or duty-bound soldier. Fop or Founding Father. Men at the apex of disparate social niches have commanded the loving sexual attention of multitudes of women. The dispassionate GodGene cares not how we achieve the ultimate mission in life, only that we do.

I wonder if a beta male could get away with the “rape rape” technicality in the court of public opinion?


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