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How To Revive A Cold Lead

Let’s say you’re like me and you forgot to call back in a timely manner one of the leads you number closed. Don’t worry, be happy. You can turn that cold lead around. How? It’s best to illustrate by example. Here follows an actual text exchange (syntax verbatim) between me and a lead that I had allowed to go cold.


ME: hey XXX it’s [x] we met at XXXX. i was the incredibly suave guy 🙂 hi! [I sent this text at 1 am on a Saturday night, eight days after I got her number.]

GIRL: [After five minute delay] Hey, nice to hear from you! How are you?

ME: Life is good. i got a fish today. handsome devil. what’s up w you?

GIRL: A fish? Cool. Does it have a name?

ME: It does have a name. “stud” he’s a ladykiller. Just like his dad. 😉 hey when are u free? We’re getting together for a drink.

GIRL: That would be great. we could meet up this weekend or during the week.

[I arrange a time to meet during the week, and tell her to meet me at a lounge conveniently located near my place.]

GIRL: Ok sounds good. So to avoid a potentially awkward situation I need to tell you I am a little younger than you probably think I am. I’m four months to turning 21.

ME: Hm i thought you were mid or late 20s. Ok to avoid carding let’s meet at [non-alchohol serving coffee bar in same location] which is on the corner of XXX.

GIRL: Ok I know exactly where that is. So if you don’t mind me asking are you mid to late 20s then?

ME: 85. Ever since i quit smoking i’ve shaved off the years. I’m probably too mature for you.

GIRL: Probably. So do you still want to meet?

ME: Yes. You don’t strike me as a ditz. You seem smart. I prefer to keep an open mind.

GIRL: Ok, well I’ll meet you at [X] on [X] then.


Maxim #12: If you are comfortable with your game being splashed across a JumboTron for thousands of people to read, then you are doing it right.

Do you feel confident enough to put your communication with chicks on this blog? Before you send that text or make that phone call, ask yourself, “Would this pass muster as a blog post entry for millions of knife-sharpening hardcore womanizers and beta haters to read?” If you suspect the answer is “No”, you need to STOP DROP and ROLL off that chick until your senses return.

Which brings me to a new project idea. I call it: Alpha Assessment Monday. Every other Monday (after a long weekend of collecting digits), you the reader will submit your texts, voicemails, or other stabs at communication with women for me to post on the blog. The readers (and myself) will then analyze it to determine if it is adequately alpha. This is the way to grow as a man. You may submit conversations that you have already sent to the girl, or conversations you are planning to send.

*PS: It is acceptable to communicate solely via text with especially young women. I’m generally anti-text because I think it betrays timidity, but the under-25 crowd, and lately even the under 30 crowd, treat texting like phone calling — it’s their default mode. Younger women — the best kind — won’t subtract points like they used to if you arrange dates through text.


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