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We all know from endless studies and surveys that women have a more difficult time than men achieving orgasm during sex. Many theories have been put forward to explain this mystery, and even to explain why the female orgasm exists in the first place since it’s not necessary like the male orgasm is for procreation. Upsuck theory (women cum when their bodies want to “vacuum up” an alpha male’s seed), bonding theory (female orgasm releases hormones that bonds women to their partners), and mate assessment theory (alpha males don’t hurry love) all sound plausible, but perhaps the answer to the mystery of the inconsistent female orgasm is a lot more banal than any of those exotic theories. It might be that women who were born with their clits closer to their lips have an easier time cumming than women whose clits are a long ways off from their vaginas.

So if your woman has a clitoris-vagina distance (C-V distance) less than 2.5 centimeters, she’s going to think you’re the best lover in the world, no matter how much you smell like ass (link sent by Randall Parker):

[S]imple physiology may have a lot to do with orgasm ease — specifically, how far a woman’s clitoris lies from her vagina.

That number might predict how easily a woman can experience orgasms from penile stimulation alone — without help from fingers, toys or tongue — during sexual intercourse.

In fact, there’s even an easy “rule of thumb,” Wallen says: Clitoris-vagina distances less than 2.5 cm — that’s roughly from the tip of your thumb to your first knuckle — tend to yield reliable orgasms during sex. More than a thumb’s length? Regular intercourse alone typically might not do the trick.

How funny that all the rending of garments by men and women over how to please women in bed might come down to a simple matter of the woman being born with the luck of a short C-V distance. This explanation is so unsexy, but it has the advantage of absolving men of any responsibility for bringing their lovers to orgasm.

“You came already?? But I wasn’t finished!”

“Honey, blame your parents for your large C-V distance. Now be quiet, I’m trying to get some sleep.”

Personally, I haven’t noticed any commonalities among the easily orgasmic women I’ve been with, other than that younger women tend to be better lubed and quicker to cum than older women. (Older = 30+). I’ve been fortunate (or extremely skilled) that most of the women I’ve banged had no trouble reaching orgasm. It’s too bad I didn’t know about C-V distance before, because my natural curiosity for all things beyond the pale would have compelled me to eyeball my exes’ C-Vs while going down on them. I’m pretty sure one of my Russian exes had the shortest C-V in history, if premature vaj juice expulsion is any indication.

The theory of C-V distance does beg the question — why did women evolve variable C-V distances? Why aren’t all women equipped with short C-V distances and free flowing orgasms? Maybe like other variable traits, evolution has thrown a mix of C-Vs into the female population to fill niche ecosystems. Perhaps women with larger C-Vs make better long term partners and mothers because they aren’t being tempted to pursue orgasmic release with every high value guy they see.

I do have some observations about women and their orgasms.

  • Every woman has her unique “finishing position” which she favors for bringing herself to completion. They will want to revert to this position when they feel a big O is nearing the bend. There is no generalization that can be made about the finishing position, except that these positions tend to squeeze the woman’s box tighter. For some women, the finishing position is on top. For others, it’s ankles behind ears. Still others (likely those women who get off on the submissive aspect of lovemaking) favor doggy style for the cunt de grace.
  • An experienced man can usually tell when a woman is having a real orgasm. The gina contractions and facial tics don’t lie.
  • If you date a squirter, you will always know if she’s faking. Have towels handy.
  • Moaning is highly variable. Some women tense up and go completely silent at the moment of little death. Others cry out to their god (“I’m right here watching over you, babe”).
  • I once dated a woman whose clit was tiny. I could barely find it. She was only capable of orgasm through intercourse. Licking and fingering did nothing for her. She said the inside of her vagina was very sensitive. I took this to mean that she had a well-developed G Spot, which made it easier for her to cum from sex. I verified this when I stuck my finger up there and felt a large, ridged swatch of skin on her anterior vaginal wall.
  • I have faked an orgasm with women a few times in my life. Yes, ladies, men do it too. Sometimes we’re bored of the endless pounding. Or you’re not that hot.

I have a suggestion for men who want to make their frigid bitches cum. UNLUBED SEX. Yep, don’t wait for her to mist up, just shove your dry rod in by surprise. The friction created by the intense pain of sandpaper sex will force her clit closer to her labia, thus providing exceptional stimulation. Many tears of love will flow afterwards.


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