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It’s been a while since the last installment of ‘Great Scenes’. Here is a video clip from the movie ‘The Philadelphia Story’, featuring Cary Grant giving Katharine Hepburn exactly what she needs. The audio has been disabled by YouTube due to copyright issues, but you don’t need it for this scene as no words are exchanged. (Video link sent courtesy of reader Godless Capitalist.)

GC noted that you would be hard pressed to find a scene like this in a modern movie, especially in a movie where the “domestic abuser” gets the girl in the end, as Cary Grant did in ‘The Philadelphia Story’. I agree. You’d rarely see a leading man in a modern movie face-push a woman onto her ass, no matter how deserving she was of it, unless his character was Evil Incarnate or, worse, Beta Maximus. In a movie depicting the latter case, the Beta Maximus would spend the rest of the film wracked with guilt and prostrating himself before the “victim”, begging her forgiveness.

Feminists, their lickspittle SWPL beta enablers, and our PC apparatchiks would have you believe only bitter, creepy losers enraged by a lifetime of female rejection would ever physically confront a woman, but as I have pointed out before on these esteemed pages, betas don’t have the sack to hit or physically confront a woman. Most betas tuck their tails between their legs when a woman humiliates them. It’s the lesser alphas who go in for crude beatdown game, and the apex alphas who do what Cary Grant did in this clip — controlled anger administered in such a way as to maximize the mortification payload.

Notice that Grant pulls back a punch in favor of the face-palm. This was the ultimate alpha move for two reasons. One, he recognizes his power is so much higher than Hepburn’s that a solid blow by his fist would do her serious damage and have unfortunate repercussions for his reputation. Two, the face-palm push is much more degrading than a punch would be to a woman. It’s beating her on her own terms — no egregious violence to embolden martyrdom or incite white knighting, but enough psychological impact to crater her ego. A woman’s most valuable asset, besides the upkeep of her vagina, is her face. Grant’s face-palm is an affront to that asset. It’s basically saying “your face is worthless to me and can kiss my sweaty palm.”

Take a look at Hepburn’s expression as she’s laying on the floor. Guilt, shame… and sweet sweet arousal. Thought experiment: What would be more likely to moisten a woman’s pussy?

a. face-palming her in a moment of angry retribution or

b. apologizing for your misdeeds, true or not, and placating her with a massive princess pedestal campaign?

Women would tell you otherwise, but their wet pussies belie their words. They LOVE to be dominated.

Other alpha moves of controlled anger at your disposal (some examples drawn from personal experience):

Hard wrist grab followed by push onto bed or sofa.
Backhanded slap.
Half grapefruit shoved into the face.
Pin her against the wall by her wrists or throat.
Shoulder grab with a full body spin toss finishing move.
Bowl of dry cereal thrown like confetti in her face.
Beer poured over her head.
Cream-filled pastry tossed in her face.
Spray bottle of cleaning fluid thrown at her followed by the words “Clean yourself off, filthy whore.”
Crucifix thrown at her if she’s playing martyr.
Dual handed breast grab and push backward.
Push wad of toilet paper in her mouth.
Squirt ketchup in her face.

Do any of the above at least once in a relationship and you will never have to worry about her cheating on you or pounding the table yelling “Half!” at divorce proceedings.


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