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Sobering Thought Of The Day

If a potential flu pandemic won’t convince America’s elites to act to close the southern border, then nothing will.

Any bets on how many Americans would have to be stricken with a superstrain of H1N1 before our representatives (and I use the term loosely) decide to stop the inflow of illegals? 1,000? 10,000? 1 million? Or ten well-situated pundits working for the Wall Street Journal and New York Beta Times?

I do believe it is time for a handy dandy chart.

# of American deaths caused         Action taken by American
by Mexican machismoflu                  government                            
10                                                   Nothing to see here, move along.
100                                                 It’s fully contained to a few small pockets.
                                                       The habanero spice must flow.
1,000                                              No point in closing the border now.
                                                       Flu’s already here!
10,000                                            We’re all gonna die anyway.
                                                       Better to die in a diverse country.
100,000                                          We’ll put up a cheapo ineffective fence just to
                                                       show you rubes how ineffective fences are.
1,000,000                                      *** bzzt… end transmission… bzzt… beep ***


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