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The Bitch Of Blagojevich

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Yet do I fear thy nature;
It is too full o’ the milk of human kindness.

– Lady Macbeth

Hold up that fucking Cubs shit. Fuck them!
– Lady Blagojevich

There is a plague sweeping America. It is the plague of bitchy unfeminine women. And it is getting worse.

The latest exemplar of this cultural and gender defilement is the wife of Democrat governor Rod Blagojevich, Patti. She can be heard in the background of wiretapped conversations encouraging, in the most high-minded poetic blandishments, her husband’s dirty payola schemes. Here is a picture of the dear sweet thing:

whatchoo looking at willis?


I wonder, when contemplating the deviousness of corrupt alpha males, how much of their treachery would have gone unrealized were it not for their harridan wives or mistresses beguiling them behind closed doors with their twisted siren songs. Weak traditional leader-of-men alpha males, like Blagojevich, who manage a broad power base in the crudest fashion but exercise minimal self-control when confronted with the machinations of those who feed their bloated yet shallow egos, are often the most effortlessly manipulated by the entreaties of scheming status-obsessed women, even ones as snarly-looking as Patti the Putrifier.

As men are more romantic than women, we occasionally need to remind ourselves of their bestial nature underneath the veneer of blush and bosom. Women as a whole are more coldly calculating than men, and the worst of them can challenge the top 1% of sociopathic alpha males for deceitfulness and cavalier betrayal. It is the prerogative of women that practical concerns, and how to achieve them, dominate their thinking and catalyze their emotions. They are the ones stuck with nine month pregnancies. Morality was codified by men; amorality perfected by women. And no one is more versed in justifying and rationalizing their own shitty behavior than a woman.

Beware the woman who tirelessly and single-mindedly works behind the scenes to further your ambitions. Keep a wary eye on her, for her love is tainted with the promised spoils of something larger than your heart. You will never shake the feeling with such a conniving bitch that you are a useful vessel delivering her the status and power she craves, and which is all that is left capable of shooting a tingle into her mangled icy pussy. Because once your status is gone, so is she. Only one thing will work to tame a bitch like this: Game. Otherwise, you are stuck spinning like a hamster on the wheel of her choosing.

Rod Blagojevich’s worst crime? That he was in thrall to a dried up middle-aged desiccated cunt like Patti.

Come on, conventional alpha male. You can do better. You’re an embarrassment.


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