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Alpha Or Beta?

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The older guy on the right with the wicked guitar:

alpha or beta shredder?

alpha or beta shredder?

He’s a lifelong studio musician who also tours with this band. They normally play in smaller venues holding crowds of 100 to 200 indie music fans, like the one I went to shown in this photo. Their music — bluegrass rock — is tight, polished and professional. He plays a custom-made tri-necked guitar consisting of electric guitar, electric violin and mandolin. I’d guess he’s in his 50s, long stringy gray hair, slight paunch, and a hep cat vibe — definitely a guy you know could inject a conversation over cheap beer with wild stories from his past.

Income? Probably not much. Solidly middle class at best.
Style? No fashion maven, no stuffed suit, no conformist. And doesn’t give a shit anymore. Paisley bowling shirts, man.
Game? Unknown. But it’s a good bet he has more natural game than the average accountant.
Status? For two hours on stage, and particularly during his REM-esque mandolin solos, he’s got some.

I don’t know if he’s married or has a girlfriend. Let’s assume for the sake of discussion he’s playing the field (“dating around” as I tell every girl who wonders if I’m banging other girls on the off-days).

Is he an alpha or a beta?


I’ve seen the wives of very high status ALPHA men — CEOs, CFOs, EVPs — and I’m not impressed. Those guys could do MUCH better given their status if they put in a little effort toward courting young hotties, but instead they are shackled to aging frumpy flabby hausfraus. I can tell you if I were a CEO of a very large company, coupled with my hard-earned game skills, I’d have a different 19 year old sucking my cock every day of the week and twice on Sunday. There’s no way you’d catch me hitched to a has-been human wreckage.

If you put Older Musician Guy in the boardroom, he’d have no status stacked against the high-powered wealthy executives. Actually, anywhere off the stage, his status plummets. But I’d still classify him as more alpha than them. Why? Because he’s got groupies. Young groupies. Cute groupies. Most of them won’t sleep with him because of the age difference, but some will. He experiences what’s best in life: Love with a beautiful woman, not plotting a shrewd hostile takeover.

In the end, when he reminisces, his won’t be a litany of regret and missed opportunity. Can you say the same for the CEO?

Conclusion: Lesser alpha.


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