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Girlfriend Or Fling?

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Unlike the last edition of girlfriend or fling?, this one is at a lower difficulty level. Ignore their Sex And The City impersonation and focus on the interplay and body language of these grown women girls.

The woman on the right is obvious girlfriend material. Let’s count the ways she would make a faithful and low drama girlfriend — restrained lips-closed smile, modest dress (skirt is short but that is balanced by the lack of any cleavage), minimal makeup and accessorizing (is that a necklace or a wisp of hair?), arms close in to body, zero sexual availability displays like jutting breasts or arched lower back. This woman looks like she was born to walk down the aisle. She may in fact already be married.

The middle girl is a total fling. Not just any fling, but a wild, crazy, torrid, self-destructive, public sex, screw the condoms and press the record button kind of fling. Sure, her dress is a toga easily ripped off in one move, her eyes are in bedroom mode long before she gets to the bedroom, and her mouth is open in the shape of a cock, but what really clinches her status is the scarf around her neck waiting to be grabbed and pulled for pleasurable choking effect. She is clearly ovulating and needs the hard fucking of a dominant alpha male. She’s so horny she’s backing her ass up into her friend’s imaginary strap-on.

Strap-on girl on the left is a potential girlfriend (notice she has camera responsibility), but judging by her wicked smile showing both rows of teeth and her visible black bra under her blouse she will need to be broken and tamed like a bucking bronco before she can be considered a quality girlfriend. She looks like she has eaten men alive and left a trail of broken hearts and scrotums behind her. I sense manipulative bitch. This is just the type of woman who leads with her ego and shit tests for sport. She is practically begging for a worthy man like myself to jizz in the face of her reality and reduce her to a softly whimpering submissive love slave ready to drop to her knees at the snap of my fingers.

Once broken, enjoy her utter devotion. She will build a shrine to your cock.



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