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It’s a Very Special Christmas Girlfriend or Fling.

This photo looks like an advertisement for Peroni, the Miller Lite of Italian beer, but it is in fact an actual nightclub shot.

Most Northeast Asian girls (Japan, China, Korea) are good girlfriend material.  They are more monogamously inclined than other races of women, save the Finns and Irish.  Ten randomly chosen Asian girls in relationships will have fewer cheaters amongst them than ten randomly chosen girls in relationships from different geographic regions of the world.  Based on this, my initial assessment is that the Asian in this photo has solid girlfriend potential.  However, closer inspection reveals details to the contrary that give pause.  One, the hand draped effortlessly over the guy.  Two, left boob contact with his arm.  Three, forehead to forehead contact.  Four, a slightly forward-thrust pelvic area.  Five, slouching… my unquestionable opinion is that slouchy girls are sexually looser than girls with good posture.  Six, the bedroom eyes… in a nightclub.  Seven, she’s not wearing any breast support.  Those mangos are hanging low on the tree and begging to be plucked.

If this guy is not her boyfriend, (and judging by that hammy look on his face, I’d guess not), then the Asian girl is clearly a fling.

The girl on the right has too much blush on her cheeks which screams dirty little tramp.  As the wisdom of the grandmothers says:  Ladies pinch, whores rouge.  She is showing the bottom row of teeth in her smile, which is a leading indicator of sluttiness.  Her voluminous cleavage reinforces my impression.   Also, she’s allowing the guy to wedge his leg into her crotch.  She’s riding his left leg like a mechanical bull.  Total fling.  Her saving grace might be that she looks like a hapa (half-asian, half-white… wasian) which should help keep her slutty urges in check by the forces of faithfulness.  I like the fact that she is not wearing dangly earrings.  Her minimal accessorizing speaks well of her.  I’d be tempted to give a girl like this a chance to become a member of my stable of regulars except that she looks six months pregnant.  Any girl swollen with that much baby should not be in a nightclub — she should be home learning how to crochet blankets or playing Beethoven to boost her fetus’s IQ.

If she is not pregnant, then she needs to jump on a treadmill instead of going out drinking.  If that is fat, I feel bad for her.  I’ve never seen a girl put weight on like a middle-aged man with a beer gut.  Did she swallow a keg?  If she’s not pregnant, and that is not a beer belly, then the only explanation left is that she is uncomfortably arching her back so her stomach and ass protrude for maximum attention-getting.  Which brings us back to total fling.

I like the guy’s shirt.  I bet he’s saying to her “Heeeeeey, how YOU doin’?”


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