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Thought Experiment

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Man (B) is worth more.

Man (A) will get more pussy than his intrinsic worth would suggest.


Which person is worth more?

a. an overweight, balding, dull-witted man who is self-confident.

b. a good-looking, smart, rich man who is insecure.

Now ask yourself, which person will have more success with women?

How far can inner game take you? Is manufactured self-esteem — I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people want to bang me — an essential psyche-out or a chimera? Is it deceptive advertising or better marketing? Are all those pickup business models right in emphasizing getting a handle on your inner demons before tackling your outer battles, no matter the actual reality of your station in life?

Ultimately, mental calisthenics in service to ego-propping and conscious affirmations of self-confidence are acts of self-delusion. This is a rational choice, for the ability to delude oneself is a survival trait. For instance, we all live in a fantasy world concerning the real horrors of old age that await us.

Self-delusion or a depressive spiral ending with a gun barrel in your mouth. You choose.

And, thus, this is why so many instinctively recoil at the “ugly truths”. The abyss is too deep and too dark to contemplate.


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