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Mono Game

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Zeets the Throwback Barbarian told me about a situation he had with his date.

Zeets: So the date is going well…

Me: Some makeouts?

Zeets: We were about to kiss but then I stopped her and told her I had mono and I didn’t want her to catch it. I said it should only be one more week then we would kiss.

Me: How did she take it?

Zeets: Actually, I think it made her more attracted to me. Pushing her away mid-kiss turned her on.

Me: And mono is the kissing disease. She probably wondered how many women you kissed. Well played!


  1. takeaway (interrupted the kiss)
  2. future pacing (“then we would kiss”)
  3. preselected by women (kissing disease)
  4. protector of loved ones (“didn’t want her to catch it”)


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