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High Energy Dates

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There are two different dating strategies to follow depending on your relationship goals.

Short term fling

Don’t bother putting much imaginative effort into your dates. When you are doubtful of the girl you are dating as relationship material you’re better off minimizing your courtship investment. A “girl you date” as opposed to a “girl you see” won’t need the kind of strong emotional foundation that a more serious prospect would require. Stick to bars and lounges and idle chit chat over middle shelf cocktails. A girl can be massaged from “hello” to “fuck me harder!” without all the rigamarole of complicated dates meant to impress. Basic game will get you there so skip the fancy embroidery and concentrate on the fundamentals.

Long term girlfriend

If you feel extra special about the girl you’re dating and can envision spending time with her in addition to sex and dates that are mere props for sex then you will need to build a reinforced emotional structure. Short term flings are great but if you like the girl a lot you have to deal with the uncertainty of her pulling a 180 on you during the first couple months of dating. Potential heartbreak and wasted investment can be avoided by building a stronger bond earlier in the dating cycle. The way to do this is to get creative with your date ideas and really show her an interesting time. Take her to exciting places or events. Go on a hike. See a band. Do something out of the ordinary like indoor rock climbing or horseback riding. The more action-oriented and energetic your dates, the more things you will have to talk about on each successive date. The unpredictable stimulus of these kinds of dates serves to bond her more closely to you. As a result of sharing so many high octane experiences over the course of a few dates, a similar psychological phenomenon to time compression imbues her with the feeling that she has shared so much more with you than she actually has. The intense buildup of experiences gives you something to talk about besides situational observations and astrology. This is the way to win yourself solid girlfriends.

For example, here is a date progression I followed for a girl I liked as more than a notch:

1st date: Drinks at a Latin lounge/Salsa class ==> 2nd Date: Hilarious but disturbing show at indie club ==> 3rd Date: Chill drinks at my place and heavy makeout ==> 4th Date: Go-Kart racing at an indoor track ==> 5th Date: Sex ==> 6th Date: Hike in the woods.

This sequence gave us a head of steam that sustained an ultimately doomed relationship for months longer than it would have otherwise lasted. I’m certain my creativity over those first crucial dates left her with powerful memories that she uses to endure sex with whatever guy she is currently dating.


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