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Prostitutes Are Not Victims

Wow, this is the story that keeps on giving. A common refrain I heard a lot, mostly from women but some uptight men as well, was that Ashley the hot young whore was a victim of her circumstances. It was the fault of the patriarchy, or sex-obsessed men, or drugs, or divorce, or running away from home. She was never to blame for her choices. But now her life is being revealed for what it really was:

Ashley Alexandra Dupré, an alleged call girl known as “Kristen,” who helped bring down New York’s governor, writes of a past checkered with poverty and even homelessness.

It’s a tough image to reconcile with the wealthy surroundings of a childhood spent with her mother, older brother and stepfather, an oral surgeon.

The white brick home in an upscale development near the Jersey Shore, is bordered with manicured shrubs and a wide, curved driveway. Large brass letters spell “PEACE” above the polished, auburn wood door. A similar house next door, where one of Dupré’s close childhood friends still lives, is on the market for more than $1.5 million, according to its owner.

Yeah, sounds like “the street” destroyed her and caused her to turn to a life of whoring. So what pushed her over the edge?

She also mentioned being abused while growing up, saying it forced her to run away – a claim one family friend called ridiculous.

“She crashed up [her stepdad’s] Porsche and wanted another one, and he wouldn’t give it to her, so she left,” said the friend, who asked her name not be printed.

She should move to DC, she’d fit right in here with her well-developed entitlement attitude.

In the meantime, Spitzer’s 50 year old wife can’t believe her husband would bang a girl almost the same age as his daughter:

Silda Wall Spitzer was deeply shaken that her disgraced hubby repeatedly slept with a hooker only a few years older than their eldest daughter, a family friend told The Post.

“It was the age” of 22-year-old Jersey girl Ashley Alexandra Dupre that really got to Silda, the friend said.

This is evidence that even (especially?) the smartest women are in complete denial about men’s sexual desire. Or they are utterly ignorant of it. I blame this on our gender bender culture filling women’s heads with the wrong ideas about male-female psychological differences.

The truth about Ashley’s upbringing should embarrass the anti-prostitute crusaders who like to whip out the “every whore is a victim” sympathy card. The infantilizing of women by feminists was always a spurious debate tactic. Women like Ashley know exactly what they are doing. They are hot, young, entitled and slutty so getting paid huge sums of money for banging rich middle-aged guys doesn’t seem like such a bad deal to them. If I had a hot daughter I would impart my wisdom and tell her to make a killing as a stripper for a few years, invest her money, and then take it easy husband-shopping and starting a business selling handcrafted jewelry.

Prostitution should be legalized so I don’t have to waste time and money flying to Nevada when I want an acceptable piece of ass in my old age. Legal prostitution would also reduce the incidence of rape.


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