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Arrogance Vs Confidence

Radiating an aura of being perfectly fucking pleased with oneself is not necessarily the same thing as arrogance. Men who are just beginning their journeys to womanizer enlightenment will often overcompensate for their wasted years of betaness by copping an arrogant attitude. With time will come the wisdom to transcend arrogance and replace it with confidence.

Arrogance is not a good trait, but it is better than wishy washy niceguy syndrome. Despite women’s insistence that cocksure assholes turn them off the asshole will still get more pussy than the niceguy. WAY more. So if you’re on the long road to social and sexual reawakening and are hopelessly mired in niceguy celibacy it would be advantageous to be an utter dick for a while just to get a few calming notches under your belt.

Some important distinctions between the arrogant and the confident man:

Arrogant man – Gets defensive when challenged.

Confident man – Has nothing to prove.

Arrogant man – Sneers.

Confident man – Smiles.

Arrogant man – Childish.

Confident man – Child-like.

Arrogant man – Easily provoked.

Confident man – Undisturbed.

Arrogant man – Insulting.

Confident man – Teasing.

Arrogant man – Sarcastic.

Confident man – Witty.

Arrogant man – Braggart.

Confident man – Can afford a little self-deprecation.

Arrogant man – Aggressive.

Confident man – Resolute.

Arrogant man – Threatens.

Confident man – Mindfucks.

Arrogant man – Thinks a girl playing hard to get is a “bitch”.

Confident man – Thinks a girl playing hard to get is “cute”.

Arrogant man – Domineering.

Confident man – Dominant.

Arrogant man – Takes it personally if his girl doesn’t cum.

Confident man – Understands that she feels her greatest pleasure by pleasing him.

Arrogant man – Juggles girls.

Confident man – Invites them all over for an epic videotaping session.


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