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You Write Like A Girl

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Why does girls’ handwriting look so… girlish? If one hundred anonymous handwritten essays from a college class were placed in front of me I could correctly deduce the author’s sex at least 80% of the time. I bet I could even pick out the lesbians.

I used to think that a biological basis for sex-specific handwriting was one of those theories I strongly suspected was true but didn’t have the evidence to prove. But it turns out there is evidence linking biology with girly handwriting:

This study investigated whether there could be a biological determinant of the judged gender of handwriting. It further investigated the potential interplay between these variables and sex role identification. The biological marker used was 2D:4D digit ratio (of index to ring finger length) which is negatively associated with prenatal testosterone and positively with prenatal oestrogen. Handwriting samples of 120 participants (half of each sex) were presented on computer to be rated for gender by 20 raters. Feedback on accuracy was given after each trial. These raters accurately identified the gender of two thirds of the sample and the rated difference between the sexes was large (d = 0.75). These ratings of handwriting gender correlated significantly with digit ratio and the femininity scale of the BSRI. A more conservative analysis this time within each sex found that women’s right hand digit ratio correlated with relative sexuality of handwriting, but there was no corresponding relationship for the males. These findings suggest that prenatal hormonal influences can affect later female handwriting performance and might even affect developmental inter-hemispheric differences, but do not appear to impact on males.

So all those big loop-de-loops and circles for dots in girls’ penmanship may be a result of estrogen exposure in the womb rather than peer pressure or “socialization” — that empty catch-all explanation feminists reflexively invoke.

I get this feeling that eventually nearly everything we do as humans will be explained by combinations of genes, enzymes, and hormones. The state of science is advancing like a locomotive in the direction of Darwinian determinism and away from the cultural determinism that has held sway over the human sciences for the past half century. With each new discovery stale ideologies like feminism wheeze another death rattle.

This site has an interesting legend detailing the differences between male and female penmanship styles. Skip the PC posturing in the beginning paragraphs and scroll down a bit to find the handwriting samples. The analysis is very comprehensive. For instance, if the white space inside your closed letters — like the letters a or d — is small, then you are probably a man.

Here is a sample of my handwriting:

mathematically true.

According to the handwriting experts, the open ascenders on my ds and the sharp corners of my ns prove that I have a ten inch schlong.

My ideal woman would have handwriting that looked like this:

also mathematically true.

Can’t you just feel the love in those letters? I think I see a rainbow over the last word.

Coming Soon: The time I dated a girl I thought may have been a tranny and how I used her handwriting to help me make a critical decision.


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