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Feminists And Game

A commenter by the name of dizzy (judging by the spittle she sounds like a maladjusted feminist battleaxe with a neurotic fear of masculine desire) attempted to downplay the effectiveness of game in response to this post.

The guys who wrote the “game” books capitalized on an early information disparity. But the market has adjusted. Now it’s pretty common knowledge among women that the guy who’s being all charming and cocky and maybe using a few “neg hits,” learned it all from a book. (Actually, the “neg hits” are the real tell). And we’re not… what you’d call… impressed.

She is woefully behind the times.  Neg Hits are a tiny part of the player’s arsenal and, in fact, have been supplanted by much more advanced tactics.  What’s important is the attitude behind the Neg Hit, not the specific words used.  The seduction material and techniques available to the average guy now are so vast not even a bitter cunt on the lookout for game would detect when it was being used on her.

What’s more, even girls who KNOW game is being run on them STILL FALL FOR IT!  I’ve had girls say to me “Some guy read my palm yesterday!  But I still want you to read mine.”  That is the Achille’s Heel in all women — they cannot control their attraction impulses anymore than men can, so when men say and do certain things designed to light up the sex centers of her brain she will respond to them positively.

Given this, the guys who are still buying the books will end up taking home: 1) The girl who is too dumb to know to protect herself (usually, funny enough, because she’s husband-hunting and all her friends gave her a copy of that “He’s Just Not That Into You,” book, so she thinks she’s got you on the hook).

Any man who runs this stuff in the field will tell you it’s often the more intelligent women who lap up the sexy vibes created by a skilled player.  Smart, educated girls LOVE the back and forth of shit testing and teasing.  More importantly, they love to BE LED because they are exactly the kind of women who lead others around all day at their soul-sucking corporate gigs.  They YEARN to feel FEMININE again because they get so little chance during their humdrum lives to feel that way, and a player who understands the basic polarity of men and women can offer her that experience. 

2) The girl who is just dumb.

Wishful thinking.  In reality, game is LEAST effective on the really dumb girls.  For them, it’s best to go caveman.  Stupid girls respond better to ham-fisted come-ons.

3) The girl who knows what you’re up to and subscribes to the school of “use him right back.”

Another numbnut who thinks women can be like men.  Revenge fantasies to the contrary notwithstanding, women are not wired to enjoy the pursuit of pumping and dumping men.  The way a woman “uses” a man is to string him along in LJBF land with the faintest promise of sex while never actually delivering the goods.  But then, a guy who runs game and has ascended the ranks in the Order of the Player knows enough to avoid falling into that trap.

4) The girl who knows what you’re up to and hates herself enough to try to convince you to stay, just stay, with her, for the night…

Riiight.  Because, you know, every other girl I’ve slept with hated herself.  That’s the ticket!  I have a better theory.  Maybe they all fall for a guy with game because… Satan made them do it.  Has about as much evidence.

The truth is that there are very few girls who hate themselves.  They may be insecure about this or that physical flaw, but in the big picture their egos are impenetrable fortresses of self-regard.  They clearly outstrip men in the ego stakes.  Anyhow, sluts who sleep around for validation don’t require game to close.  Simply acting like an asshole with them will work.

So either you “win” against someone who’s not playing, someone who is, um, handicapped (all due respect to the disabled) in the dating competition, someone who is making a fool of you, or someone who is crazy.

Third prize: you’re fired!
You may wanna re-check your assumptions, Sparky.

Good job. You’re the man.

Soon you will call me master.

Now go back to gaining money and power in order to get laid, as god intended, and I’ll get back to the kitchen and start making your sam-mich.

There is no god.
Money is not necessary to get laid.
And you can’t make a sammich without my lunchmeat.


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