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Condomless Game

I think the Bedouin lifestyle is for me.

With eight wives and 67 children, Shahadeh Abu Arrar has given new meaning to the term “family man.”

Abu is 58 years old.  Suffice to say, if his wives are still pumping out children this prodigiously, they are considerably younger than him.  67 children is what happens to a player who decides to forego condoms.

“There are many women who wish to marry me and there is no lack of women. I never had a problem with such things.”

Natural.  He was probably learning indirect game when his fellow five-year-olds were building cardboard forts to keep out the girls.

Four veiled women, including two who said they were his wives, sat on the porch peeling vegetables.

It’s only the betas who don’t understand the concept of sexual division of labor and the proper roles for man and woman that will bring them happiness.  Men who do well with women have a keen grasp of basic human nature.  I read a study which showed that the most sensitive, new-agey pro-feminist men had the least sex partners while the neanderthal, sexist anti-feminist men had the most.  And the most radical feminist chicks had way more sexual partners than their traditional anti-feminist sisters.  Man-hating Take Back The Night chicks banging it out with the male chauvinist pigs.  Sweet sweet irony.

Weepy pro-feminism Anita Hill-supporting emo men take note:  Your spineless mr. mom posturing will not get you laid.

It’s interesting how in those Mormom polygamous families the husband is the sole breadwinner and all the wives are milling about their wing of the house doing domestic chores and watching the kids.  None of these women seem to feel bad that the’ve missed out on the career track.  Or that they’re sharing an alpha male.

It’s unclear how Abu Arrar supports his massive family. Camels, goats and a cow were grazing on his property. Yediot said he also receives about $1,700 in government handouts each month.

Total player.  Lives on welfare and sponges off the work of his multiple younger wives who don’t demand that he wear a condom.  The system can be beat.  If all men knew this society would collapse.

“My first wife is my age, and today I hardly spend any time with her. Her children are big, and I leave her alone. I have younger wives to spend time with. Every night I decide which wife to be with,” Abu Arrar told the newspaper.

Lol.  There’s nothing like trading up and letting the older models rust on the front lawn.

Activists said Abu Arrar’s story showed the urgency of raising literacy and education among Bedouin women. Many are pressured into marriage or feel they have no other options beside raising children

Moral of the story:  Don’t educate women. 

Polygamy — a great life.  Those seven guys who didn’t get a wife don’t know what they’re talking about.


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