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Dick Farm

The next time you hear a guy talk about the favorable female to male ratio in DC, show them this:


wingmans anonymous meeting

From a quick head count it looks like the men outnumber the women 3 to 1 in this picture.  I’d say this scene is representative of the majority of DC singles bars on any given weekend night.  Even if it’s technically true that there are more fertile-age women than men in DC it’s clear from the facts on the ground that these surplus women are all staying home crocheting sweaters for their cats or playing jenga.

There is no external factor that will impact a man’s success with women more than the sex ratio of the venue he attends.  No fancy analysis is needed to confirm this observation — it’s simple supply and demand market functions working on human psychology.  If there is one girl and ten guys vying for her attention she will get an inflated sense of her mating worth and it will show in her attitude.  The 6 will have the bitch shield of a 10 when there are enough guys giving her the time of day.  The trick is to meet women where their sexual market value is most accurately self-assessed.  That brazen 6 will be very accommodating when there are 8s and 9s all around her hogging the limelight.

An artificially boosted self-esteem means she is likely to test the waters and push for the best deal she can get by rejecting many early advances for the possibility of a better prospect opening her later in the night.  Your time and energy investment carries a much higher risk premium under these circumstances.

I am still surprised just how drastically a girl’s personality will shift when more guys flood her field of view.  It’s as if the hordes of swinging dicks release a pent-up princess.  She’ll start passively engaging the flirtations of every man hoping to absorb as much male attention as humanly possible to fuel a seizure of salf-satisfied preening.  For many women, receiving a sustained burst of positive feedback on their attractiveness to men can often be better than sex itself. 

With the deck stacked like this, certain game strategies are rendered inoperable.  Tactics like jealousy plotlines (making your target jealous by walking away from her to talk to another girl), pawning (using another girl that you have befriended to open your target easier), and calculated indifference (won’t work when ten other guys are hovering to jump in at any opportunity) need a somewhat balanced ratio to utilize effectively.

If you have the tightest of game, and believe personal growth can only come through putting your skills to the test, then knock yourself out at the dick farms.  You can demonstrate your prowess in comparison to the weak competition.

For those who prefer the path of least resistance, here are my suggestions for avoiding the sausage:

Stay away from places with egregious specials on cheap beer.  If it has $2 Miller Lites all night it’s a good bet the bar will smell like Axe.

Go out on weeknights instead of weekends.  The kinds of girls out on a weeknight are more motivated to meet someone.  There are fewer of them, but they’re easier to game.

Skip places that advertise through major promoters.  An Absolute Addiction promotion will summon the armies of douche darkness.

You can help.  If you want to improve the scenery and psychological profile of this ego-besotted city, as well as build the character of the women, try not to contribute to the visual pollution by rolling into venues with a cock posse twelve strong.  There are a few places in DC that have manageable ratios.  Chi Cha and Cafe Citron come to mind.  If you’re secure in your masculinity, you can also take my advice and hit up the gay bars.


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