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Betas can find love, too

Once a man understands that his power is a function of his environment and not an absolute value, he can begin to game the system and take advantage of market inefficiences to score high quality pussy.  Alphas are naturally dominant in their environment and so for them there is no need to learn how to pick up women; the affections of women are something they’ve always known.  That is why asking an alpha for pickup advice is often a fruitless exercise.  It’s better to simply observe him in action and model yourself after him.  While books and forums and experience have taught me much, they all pale in comparison to the eye-opening enlightenment I received from my first mentor — an older male friend.  At the time, I was 14 and he was 26.  He was the cool-as-fuck older guy who let me get behind the handlebars for the first time in my life whereupon I promptly drove his motorcycle over a curb. Without missing a beat, he then taught me how to do donuts. The time I tagged along on one of his dates with a gorgeous grad student was the mental jolt I needed to set me on the path of righteousness.

Natural betas who were deprived of this mentoring and don’t or won’t put in the work on their own to learn how women operate and what they respond to still have options for happiness, but they will need to step off the hamster wheel and approach this advice with an open mind.  Given that male power is conditional on the context in which it is exploited, here are my suggestions for how losers in love can turn their fortunes around without lowering their standards:

1.  Travel to an economically depressed 2nd tier country like Russia or its East European neighbors where the culture is not too different and the women are known hot commodities and spend a couple months there.  He should avoid mail order bride services, save his money up, and go live there for a while.  This will reduce the chances of getting conned.  He’d be smart to get CDs on learning Russian and listen to them in his car while commuting to his crappy soul-killing job.  An average American beta with an average income, average style, who isn’t a drunkard, will get treated like a minor rock star in Russia, which, if the stories of men who have pioneered this route are true, really should be renamed Betatopia.  PS: Stay away from Moscow.  Stick to the sticks.

2.  Not keen on the hassle of traveling and importing a first rate piece of ass?  He can try scooping up the ones who shell out their own travel expenses and come here to the US.  Step one: identify those places where au pairs hang out in his particular city. They will usually be in a bunch, giggling nervously in heavy accents, because au pair services send them to their overseas assignments in groups.  The trick is to catch an au pair before she becomes aware of the true power of her beauty.  Remember that many of these young women are leaving countries where the men, ugly underemployed trolls all of them, treated them like trash.  Their self-esteems are in the basement.  Getting any attention from an American beta is like gold dust sprinkled on their shattered egos.  An American!  Interested in ME!  The beta needs to get to these girls BEFORE she realizes that most American women are shrieking ballbusting self-absorbed harpies with serious BMI issues and that American men will put her on a pedestal.  It doesn’t take long for a lifetime of trampled self-worth to shed like a chrysalis revealing the inner high maintenance princess inside.  So to get to them before the American experience corrupts them the beta needs to find those au pair groups that are multi-ethnic.  This is because the au pair services send them over in mixed groups.  Their first few months will be spent socializing with au pairs from many different countries.  Once they have settled into a routine and learned the ropes they will begin to hang out with girls from their own countries.  A few months later, they will have one or two American girls in their social circle.  By then, it is too late.

3.  Similar to the above suggestions, a man having trouble picking up chicks should consider relocating to the heartland.  His money will go farther, his style will be intriguing, and his public policy degree will be treated like a Certificate of Alphaness.  Girls will be a little dumber and less worldly so his marginally witty jokes will get more mileage.  He can probably afford a spacious house out there where a basement apartment was all he could swing in NYC.  Nightlife will be refreshingly free of eurotrash and $12 drinks.  Downsides:  obesity epidemic, resentful good ol boys prone to violence, lower job opportunities, bastard children, smell of manure.

4.  Lie.  This option requires some creativity and total lack of moral fiber, but the beta who can pull off the ‘talented mr. ripley’ routine will gain access to the secret society of hot chicks.  Convincingly lying about trips to the Himalayas, treasure hunting expeditions, brushes with death in the congo, high stakes gambling with celebrities in the Caribbean, the stint spent in prison, or his life as a fashion photographer, and having the presence of mind to keep the ruse up for months will get him laid.  Downside:  forget about long term relationships.

5.  Hit on damaged goods.  Women who have been through the emotional ringer are more likely to appreciate the beta’s honest, straightforward, naive propositioning.  Some women need to get burned more than once to learn any lessons, but eventually even the most die-hard player-lovers grow weary of the hurt.  Recent divorcees, lonely housewives, single moms, and former hookers with a heart of gold are good targets.  Downsides:  STDs, kids, short shelf lives.

6.  Castration.  Nothing removes neediness like zero sex drive.


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