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Regular readers who follow my (admittedly, attenuated) take on the PUA scene know that I consider Krauser to be one of the few bona fide pickup artists out there. It’s why I have his blog linked on the right under “Game”.

Krauser adheres to an “indirect-direct” daytime approach style that suits my personality well, so I’m perhaps a bit partial in my praise. Daygamers who use different approach techniques shouldn’t feel put off; remember, the core concepts behind most of the game styles are essentially the same, with the exceptions being the distinctions inherent in day vs night game, club vs everywhere else game, and native vs foreign game. Even those exceptions, as stark as their differences may seem to newbies, share a lot of critical game principles. Female hypergamy — the cosmic force that underpins much of the game technology geared to leveraging it in a man’s favor — is a universal phenomenon, after all. So if I praise one PUA school of thought you can consider it tangential praise of other PUA schools of thought.

This is not to say there don’t exist shysters out there whose sole intent is to make a buck off the woes of desperate losers in love. But Krauser (and a few others) strike me as the real deal, so I don’t have a problem promoting them. In that vein, here’s a trailer to an interview of Krauser by a group called London Real.

The full one-hour interview is here.

Also, as I’ve said before whenever I feature a PUA or a game instructor, if any reader has real life experience learning from or hanging out with these guys, whether those experiences are good or bad, feel free to discuss it in the comments, or email me for a possible future post. Don’t bother trolling. I have expert-level skills at sniffing out trolls and petty haters.


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