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It’s an open secret that Arnold used steroids throughout his bodybuilding career, and probably uses them today (either as part of an anti-aging program, or to buff up for a film, like he did for T3.) If he was on a cycle when he banged that ugly housemaid of his, that would explain a lot.

I’ve talked with the really hyooge roided up guys in the gym about going on cycle, and they’ve told me that on steroids they’re indiscriminately horny all day long. “I’d stick my dick in a dog’s anus if pussy wasn’t around,” is how one dude colorfully put it.

Arnold is a high status alpha male. Why he would bang, and impregnate!, an ugly broad seemingly makes no sense. But a little analysis helps the picture become clearer. As I explained in a previous post addressing this specific subject, most alpha males are cheating with hot, younger mistresses. We remember the ones, like Hugh Grant, who hook up with fuglies because they are the exceptions to the common rule. But there are other reasons why a guy like Arnold might cheat with a woman so far below him in sexual market value it may as well be an interspecies mating.

One, convenience. A busy man might just grab the nearest pussy available. Alpha males can be lazy about chasing women for sex, particularly if they have a de facto harem already at their disposal to clean the princely penis. Two, and in my opinion the more parsimonious explanation — Arnold was roided up to the gills when his boner pointed in the direction of Mamacita Starch Bomb.

Testosterone is the infidelity and ambition hormone, but it comes with a dark side: too much can cloud a man’s perception and good judgement. A guy on roids might be so climb-the-walls horny that a dumpy, unattractive maid bending over to scrub the floors could look irresistible in the moment. This would also explain the pregnancy; a very horny man needs to get off NOW, and condoms just don’t enter the equation in the heat of passionate release.

Arnold also has a thing for Latinas (and asses and carrots), so maybe his gross maid represented the closest facsimile to his true desire that he could find within his WASPy, stiff-hipped social milieu.

This could help to answer the question why all men don’t continually evolve to have higher and higher testosterone levels. Perhaps because of its ability to impair judgement, testosterone could be subject to runaway selection, where the advantage of being incredibly motivated to fight and fuck everything in sight is nullified by the disadvantage of losing fights and banging low quality women.

And let’s face it, it’s not for nothing that the most advanced civilizations are filled with men who have more discriminating tastes in women.


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