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Testosterone And Motivation

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The point of yesterday’s post wasn’t to argue whether muscles help with picking up girls (they do, but not as much as most guys think), but to remind everyone that testosterone directly affects how motivated you feel to approach girls.

Low T = low motivation to meet women, and thus fewer opportunities for sex with a variety of prey.

High T = high motivation to meet women, and thus more approaches, which leads to improved game, and finally better sex with hotter chicks.

Have you ever had an injury that put you out of the gym — or away from any exercise — for months? Men who have experienced this, speak up now. Your testosterone drops. You feel lethargic. You don’t mind staying in when you should go out to talk to girls. Then when your fortunes return, you feel a surge of manly power that carries you back into the field.

I thought the message was pretty clear, but commenters love to sidetrack themselves.


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