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A Test Of Your Negs

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So you think you can game? Some of you can. Let’s see how you do with this group.

Scene: You have just walked up to this group of four girls and one seriously d-bag looking wanker. They asked you to take their picture, which you did but only after teasing them by pretending to pocket their camera and running away with it. They posed as in the photo above and you gave them back the camera.

What do you do?

This time the test is a little different. I want you to devise the most appropriate ego-humbling neg for whichever target you choose, and pre- and post-neg transitions if necessary. You may have to defuse the presence of the d-bag first. The idea here is to use the situational props available to you to deliver the best neg possible. Think on your feet!

For example:

[Looking at the guy] “Hey man, looks like you got your hands full.”

Some light banter ensues with everyone.

[Turning to the CityOfGod girl on the far right] “That’s a cool shirt.” [Wait for reaction] “You’re brave for not color coordinating with your friends.”

Winners will be announced tomorrow.


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